This sprang from nowhere but I’m rather fond of it.


5 thoughts on “115

  1. Ohh… Interesting. Pink & blue. Moving in co-operation but in opposing directions, facing different ways but having to interact to work. This could definitely be made to be life size & exhibited. Nice One.

  2. And the wheels are the same size, with the same number of (male & female) heads. So the same couples will meet on each turn of the wheel and brush lips, or rub noses?

    This machine seems to promote monogamy – I must try that one day! 😉

  3. Mike, thank you. Yes, if I had to choose any of the posts so far to exhibit I think this would probably be the one.

    Richard, I wasn’t necessarily promoting monogamy but that’s an interesting interpretation.

    Ariane, they’re also going forward while the men are in reverse!

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