13 thoughts on “116

  1. I thought this was beautiful. We’ve probably all felt like this about someone, sometime in our lives.

    And I read Michael’s email before I had seen Sally’s response, so her reply was like a stylus abruptly being pushed off an old vinyl record playing moving, romantic music.

    Very clever!

  2. Actually, it’s just occured to me that some of the younger commenters reading this will be unaware of the terms “stylus”, vinyl record” and “romantic”, so you’ll just have to google them!

  3. Phwoar, he just poured his heart out to her, and she just rips out his heart from his chest, and repeatedly jumps up and down on it.

    I can imagine ‘Michael’ to be feeling slightly suicidal after all this, though ashamed as I am, I did giggle a bit when all she could say was ‘aww, thats sweet’…

    (Note to self: try and write more than ‘Aww that’s sweet’ to suitors in the future…)

  4. Ha! 😀 If it wasn’t so uncomfortably close to a couple of episodes in my earlier life, it’d be funnier still.

    Brilliantly observed, and all too believable.

  5. What did I say wrong? Anyway, is Michael the short guy or the one with bottle top glasses or the one with a limp or the one who wears Superman tops or the one with a wonky fringe or the one with a weeping ear or the one with the bicycle clips or the one with grey hair or the one with……?

  6. Fantastic – both poignant and funny. Only one thing: I wished there were some way of reading Sally’s email afterwards.

    Richard, your posts make me laugh. It’s very true that my generation isn’t as romantic as yours (or at least, it seems not to be. I bet Humphrey Bogart would never have asked anyone out via text message).


    In a previous quote, Ariane rather mischievously suggested I might be old enough to have been a contemporary of Humphrey Bogart. I would like to take this opportunity of informing her, and our fellow Creative Year commenters, that this is not the case. I can confirm I was actually born nine months after the sad demise of the great “Bogie”.

  8. Interesting comments – thank you. I should point out that I’m not necessarily on Michael’s side with this one which is why I didn’t mind the fact that you read the reply first (unless you’re Richard).

    Thom, Hadleigh – I remember that too!

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