9 thoughts on “119

  1. Funny how brothers turn out so differently. Matthew comes across so much more balanced and rational than Stephen.

  2. “Microsoft Works (a statement I would vehemently refute)”

    Priceless – you’ll be doing Mr Gates’ CV next!

  3. I can only empathise with Mr Walters having recently purchased a male sheep to try to increase my computers processing speed. Ho hum.

  4. My neighbour will now be convinced that I’m bonkers, since she’ll have heard me hooting with laughter and knows I live alone. She never laughs. I think it’s against her religion. Thank you for this.

  5. Mike, that’s terrible. I wish I’d thought of it.

    Margaret – next time you see your neighbour, give her a tickle from me. Actually, on second thoughts, that sounds slightly dubious.

    Everybody else – thanks!

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