If you haven’t already slashed your wrists, you can check the answers here.


9 thoughts on “120

  1. I’d love to claim 9, but just got the 7 right. Can we have a Cow or Sow quiz later in the year please? lol

  2. 8 out of 10! And no, I didn’t feel the urge to slash my wrists. Seeing that Paris Hilton has been given her own tv programme, now that makes me want to slash my wrists… 😦

  3. Only 6/10 for me…and I thought I was an expert on animal fur!

    You can tell the wrinkly skin is always a dog… and usually the cleaner, thinner, and better defined fur is a cat’s. But it seems that trait doesn’t work too well – I thought that a nice patch of fur was a cat’s back, but it turned out to be a hound’s armpit hair…

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