7 thoughts on “121

  1. Great to see the return of the nation’s greatest magazine! 🙂

    And a nicely topical story, too. Did you plan it that way, Graham?

  2. Hadleigh, I’m so short of ideas that hearing a vaguely inspirational news story on the radio is all the fuel I need.

    Ariane – I like it as well. The post, I mean.

  3. This is probably my favourite too. So many parts of it are judged just right.

    I think the whole surreal industry is summed up pretty well by the casting call ads:


    My favourite ever one was one from Channel Five “looking for a member of the public whose life is so interesting that, if they were filmed for one week, they would gain an audience of one million.” That’s amazing to me. “The individual could be a band member, a full time mum, a charity worker, could have an interesting job or an interesting dream he or she wants to fulfil. They are literally looking for anyone.” I swear it said that.


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