Once again my paranoia suggests that I may have subconsciously stolen this from somewhere but it’s too late to do anything else so it will have to suffice.

In other news, I am now officially a third of the way through this project. Not a particularly noteworthy event, but I need all the encouragement I can muster. So, you know, hooray and stuff.

In other other news, I have succumbed to the charms of Twitter. Sadly, I think that I am a perfect example of the sort of person who shouldn’t be on there at all.


8 thoughts on “122

  1. Funny cartoon. Do you know, the same thing happened to me once when I went into a furniture shop? Well, it wasn’t exactly a furniture shop, more of a pet shop really… but there was furniture in it. And I didn’t touch a wooden chair, it was more of a wooden cage. I thought the thing inside was dead. I’ve never seen a spider move so quickly.

    I tend to keep my hands in my pockets when I go shopping now.

    Graham, may I be the first to congratulate you on four hugely entertaining months. It’s definitely the best six quid I’ve ever spent.


  2. I don’t think anybody should be on Twitter! It’s even more depressing than MySpace and Faceache.

    By the way, good birth spoof. You should contact Alex @ Mustard Magazine.

  3. I have no concept of what Twitter tries to do – it looks like gobbledy-gook or txt speak for the web…as if LOL 🙂 ROFL etc is not bad enough. Although I did spot you moaning about bald spots. I found my first grey hair the other day. To ‘Just For Men’ or not?

    On another point all together, I would like to see you try some new things on CY, such as a serious attempt at something for different audiences, such as the baby/toddler community. There also be money to be made there if you create a new concept.

  4. Richard, thank you for your good wishes and peculiar anecdote. I could ask… but I won’t.

    MJB, thanks for the Mustard tip. I may do that.

    Thom, I have sensed for some time that your expectations of Creative Year are not being met! I’m not happy with recycling old ideas, it’s just that a couple of hours every evening isn’t enough to reinvent the wheel. I have no buffer either – each post is created just a few hours in advance. Panic informs most of what I do. That said, I am still aiming to try some different stuff in the remaining months. I’m not sure that I have much of a following amongst the baby and toddler community, but that’s an interesting idea.

    Ariane – you are, and will always be, Queen of Puns.

  5. On the contrary I am very much impressed by your creations – I just want to sit Amelie in front of CY instead of CBeebies! I also do not want you to stagnate and throw in the towel…although I think you will see this through to it’s inevitable conclusion.

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