4 thoughts on “123

  1. I`m afraid this one`s lost on me – what are you trying to say?

    Everyone look at Mediawatchwatch today – there`s a great comment by a CANADIAN evangelical re the humanist bus ads, which have now crossed the pond – “On the surface I`m all for free speech”!! They`re the same the world over!!!

  2. I don’t quite get this one, which it probably means it’s way too clever for me!

    It appears to be some sort of balancing act, with the blue end representing some sort of “blind faith” and the yellow end representing a more realistic rationale.

    However, the see-saw is in front of the penguin, but the fulchrum it is balancing on is way back on the horizon. Strange.

    I favour the yellow end, ergo I’m a penguin?

  3. barriejohn, good art should never be explained. Neither should bad art, but for an entirely different reason. That said, we have a suggestion of balance but is it really so? Is the penguin interfering with that idea?

    Richard, I’m quite happy for you to be a penguin but can it even see what’s on offer?

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