On an unrelated matter*, does anyone know anything about consumer law? I have a problem regarding a TV I purchased in the sales just after Christmas. At the end of January it developed a fault, so I took it back to Currys who said that they couldn’t replace it because it was just outside their 28 day guarantee. Instead they would arrange for an engineer to come and fix it at my home. Fair enough, I thought. Anyway, three weeks later I got a call to say that they were having problems getting the spare parts for it (even though it’s a brand new model) so were willing to collect the TV and offer me a credit note to return to Currys and get a replacement. Again, fair enough on the face of it but the problem is that they are only willing to credit me the amount I paid for the TV (£550) which was a limited time special offer. The same TV has now gone back up to £995 so if I wanted a straight replacement I would have to fork out the difference. That just seems wrong to me. I haven’t yet negotiated with them but it would be nice to know where I stand legally before I do. Surely I’m entitled to a new TV at no extra cost?

*Well it could be related if it costs me an arm and a leg.


It’s probably just me, but I was amused by the idea of an old lady writing any old crap as long as it rhymes. It reminded me of one of my favourite lyrics by Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy: Always to thine own self be true/not to fools like me/who’ll change their minds/for the sake of rhyming schemes (Life on Earth).

A rare but largely uninteresting bonus post

In case you didn’t notice, I have now completed the index which should make it easier to find old posts. I’m not assuming that anyone will want to, but I was planning to do it at some point anyway for my own amusement. The only trouble is that with all those thumbnails it takes a while to load – a problem that will only get worse as the months wear on. Sorry about that.