Working in the construction industry I come across a lot of customers like this. They ask for all sorts of extra work to be done and then seem surprised when they learn that they’ll have to pay for it. I haven’t personally encountered a tradesman’s revenge quite like this but it’s not uncommon for abusive messages to be written in places that they will never be seen, such as wet render before it’s plastered over. There was also the story about the contractors who retiled a swimming pool for Manchester United defender Gary Neville – they later confessed that they had created a mini Liverpool FC shrine underneath it.


3 thoughts on “125

  1. Nice one!

    I wonder if the tiler had a previous career as a Word-Search puzzle compiler? Just a thought.

  2. I love the way the letter is strategically placed over the last character. Subtlety often works better than showing everything (in many areas of life…)

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