We are in the grip of true horror – an entire half inch of snow has got everyone fearing for their very lives. I am not mocking this awful situation because I myself have suffered greatly, experiencing a delay of almost two minutes on my journey to work this morning. If – or perhaps more realistically when – society capitulates under the weight of these half-dozen or so snowflakes, I hope you are with the ones you love and can draw comfort from their support.


8 thoughts on “126

  1. Brilliant idea, artwork and tagline!

    How about:

    “In Snow, no one can hear you pee…”

    “Be afraid. Be flurry afraid..”

    “Just when you thought it was safe to go to the freezer..”

    “A fridge too far”.

    “Who ya gonna call.. Snowbusters!”

    Sorry, I’ll stop now

  2. Is that Ian Last in that picture, with a beard? Lisa’s convinced it’s him…

    Oh, and don’t you know that one of the inscrutable exhortations of British-ness is to not be able to cope with any shift in weather. It will always be the wettest/hottest/windiest whatever since records began.


  3. “To coldly go where no man has gone before”

    Sorry… that’s the best I can do.

    And shouldn’t the rating be -18?

  4. Richard, nice ideas. I get your drift.

    Hadleigh, I thought the same thing when I found that photograph. Perhaps he’s just heard that George Lucas is planning a Star Wars plasticene animation series. Noooooo!

    Ariane, if the comments start getting better than the posts just let me know and I’ll retire gracefully.

    MarkC – oh shit. That comment is better than the post.

  5. ‘Things could get inconvenient’ – pretty much sums up the whole experience. What a brilliant idea, well done.

    Richard… be flurry afraid, that actually made me laugh out loud, for reals.

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