I think there should be a Sympathy Council. When no one else cares that you’ve got a paper cut that hurts a lot more that they realise, there ought to be someone to turn to. It’s not right to bother the Samaritans with that kind of thing.


6 thoughts on “127

  1. Of course it’s not right to bother them… but they won’t mind at all, though don’t be surprised if you are asked if you are suicidal. Regardless, they would stress that sympathy would be the last thing they would offer, their line is more focused on empathy.

  2. I think this is a great post. It brings to mind when you hear about some major event, and the survivors are greeted by teams of emergency-response counsellors.

    A plane went off the runway at Heathrow a few months ago. Everyone was evacuated safely, but on the radio they talked about these teams emergency-response counsellors being “drafted in”.

    I just had to chuckle at the thought of all those counsellors carrying their lever-arch files, running in slow-motion, knee-deep through the foam, towards the plane – just like in Baywatch!

  3. It’s a bit like the way kids fall over but only seem to start crying when they look around and see the faces of concerned adults. It’s like the kids are waiting for a signal: ‘Go on, have a cry, it looks like it hurt…’.

  4. Why is that cat dressed like a French accountant?

    But this was very good. I could certainly use this service. Even if it’s just an automated message repeating “There, there” every few seconds as I whine.

  5. I really liked these. The “cat” one reminded me of a story someone told me about how, when their Dad died, their friend (trying to be sympathetic) said, “It’s a bit like when I lost my cat…”

    If she’d got over it by calling the Sympathy Council, that faux pas would never have happened.

    MarkC’s comment made me laugh too.

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