If you’re not familiar with the story, the Everton v Liverpool FA Cup fourth round replay was televised live on ITV on Wednesday night. After 118 goalless minutes, Everton scored right at the end to knock their arch rivals out of the cup. Worth waiting for, you’d think. ITV, however, had accidentally cut to an advert for Tic Tacs and missed the goal. If I were an Everton fan watching at home, I’d be absolutely seething. ITV’s football coverage has always been poor, but this was unforgivable.

Also, Liverpool signed Robbie Keane from Tottenham Hotspur in the summer for £20 million only to sell him back to Tottenham again this week for £12 million because it didn’t work out. I thought I might as well spoof that while I was at it. Try to ignore the dodgy Photoshopping and the fact that Robbie Keane seems to have grown 8 inches.


17 thoughts on “129

  1. If a goal is ‘scored’ on T.V., but nobody sees it, did it really happen?
    Was that Ad just a tactic gone wrong?

  2. Yes, I AM “familiar with the story”, but only because I had just sat my mother down in front of the television to watch “Foyle`s War” only to find her almost in tears a few minutes later because another of her favourite programmes had been replaced, without notice, by more fucking football!!! They do this all the time, yet like most blinkered football “fans” I see that you still think they`re coverage of the

  3. Yes, I am “familiar with the story”, but only because I had just sat my mother down to watch “Foyle`s War”, only to find her almost in tears because yet another of her favourite programmes had been replaced without notice by yet another football match!!! This happens all the time, yet like most blinkered “Fans” you still claim that ITV`s football coverage “Has always been poor” – whatever that means!! They keep on boasting that they get audiences of around eight million for “footie” matches, yet the morons don`t seem to realize that these are the SAME eighty million people who just can`t help watching every single boring game that`s put in front of them, and that the majority of the population don`t give a flying fuck about their crappy games!!!!! I also have no idea what the “joke” is supposed to be here, though you`ll probably tell me that as it`s “art” it has gone right over my head again. Who is Robbie Keane I`ve never heard of him?

  4. Hey, is barriejohn for real? Or is he one of those made up double-barrelled colonel characters who appear in the likes of Private Eye and who rail at everything post-1945? “And one more thing – electricity! What’s THAT all about?”

  5. I have no idea what went wrong there, but my views are always worth reading twice anyway.

    I read somewhere last night that some religious maniacs are running a bus ad campaign that says; “There definitely IS a God, so you`d better be ready to meet him/her/it”. Is this true, and is anyone going to report them to the ASA over this – after all, if we have rules, then they should apply to everyone equally (that`ll be the day!!).

  6. There WAS football before 1945 Mike – just for your information – played by gentlemen (well – mainly!!!)

  7. PS “Private Eye” is my favourite publication – you`re spot on there, though I`ve never sent in a letter – they express my views exactly!!

  8. PPS The Nutters` Bus Ad Campaign is reported on the Guardian and Daily Mail sites, but I think I got there via the gaytoz.com news yesterday. Just have a look at the article by Peter Hitchens on the Mail site by the way!!

  9. Graham – I saw the broadcasting calamity and laughed my head clean off. Nice work with today’s post, as ever. You’ve got to stop pointing out your ‘errors’ though. Most people won’t have looked twice.

    By the way, is barriejohn really for real?

  10. I think it was ITV that managed to miss Maniche’s goal for Portugal in the semi-final of Euro 2004 – goal of the tournament and they missed it on the live broadcast because they were replaying the ball going into touch for the corner from which the goal ultimately came. Numpties.

  11. barriejohn – six comments on one post! Your coverage appears to be dominating the airwaves at the expense of regular commenters who had to be cancelled. My mother was almost in tears.

  12. I`m sorry that I upset your mother with my comments Graham, but here`s one that will doubtless cause her to have an apopleptic fit!!

    There are about 20 teams in the English Premier League, and I suppose they each have a “squad” of about 20 players. Can you followers of “the beautiful game” (sic) name ONE single player amongst these four hundred or so who is out and proud? Come to think of it, I`ve never heard of an “out” player in ANY British league, but I could be wrong there.

  13. Ooooh!!!!! You`ll get banned for that Richard!! Don`t think that Gordon doesn`t know where you live!!!

  14. Ariane, has it never puzzled you as to why arm-waving Charismatics didn’t exist until AFTER the invention of spray-on antiperspirants in the 1950s?

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