The problem with lampooning people like George Hargreaves is that they do such a good job of it themselves it’s hard to tell what he’s really done and what I’ve made up. So, if you’re not familiar with this story, sort out the facts here.


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  1. Well, the Rev George Hargreaves definitely gets my vote. He is clearly a man of ideas, vision and faith. Praise!

  2. Yes, but what you don`t seem to have mentioned is the fact that this creep is funding his ridiculous campaign with the royalties he still earns from writing the Gay Anthem “So Macho”!! (See PinkNews and other sites). As that lovely Richard Littlejohn would say: “You couldn`t make it up”!!!

  3. Having just looked at their design, I’m seriously wondering if it’s a case for a design-infringement law-suit, Graham???

  4. The Daily Wail are giving away a “free” DVD of “The Dambusters” with today`s newspaper. There`s a prize of a free Golliwog toy from the (late) Royal collection for the first 100 readers of this blog who can recall the name of Guy Gibson`s dog. (Hint – the mutt was BLACK!!!).

  5. I don’t understand. If they won’t allow “there is no god”, how can they allow “there is a god”?

  6. Hadleigh, I think we’d have a case but the publicity would benefit them more than us. I’m more inclined to pity their desperation.

    MarkC, I don’t understand either. It would be pretty outrageous if they allowed it. Part of me hopes they do though, just to see what happens.

  7. I advise everyone to go to the Guardian site and read this jerk`s views in the “Comment is Free” link. He actually has the audacity to claim that atheists and humanists are “a minority group” in this country!! Dream on Vicar!!! In actual fact though, HIS advertising campaign is really political, and is linked to his efforts to get himself elected to the European Government, as member for his own “Church Party”, which he has represented (unsuccessfully) before. This is the sort of thing that we have ridiculed other countries for in the past, and I find it very worrying indeed!! Millionaire christians and other sinister right-wingers are going to get their way by buying seats in democratic institutions.

    As far as the silly ads are concerned, surely, if this is what they are going to look like then the real joke is that they are so similar to the humanist bus ads that people will just take one look at them and think that that`s what they are!!!

    There are about 600 comments about Pastor Hargreaves views on the Guardian site, and I`m pleased to say that most of them just ridicule his stupid views.

    Sorry for such a long posting, but I feel that this is a matter of some gravity.

  8. barriejohn. er Yeah. T’was Nigger.

    But that was a long time ago. The past is a different country, they do things differently there!

  9. Yeah – coloured immigrants were called “darkies” in the Fifties!! Does anyone else remember those days? When they used the term in that brilliant series “Shine on Harvey Moon” (why do they never repeat the things that you REALLY want to see again?) my friend and I simultaneously burst out laughing – we`d forgotten it completely. Those were “The Good Old Days”!! Some gnarled old Daughter of the Pioneers, out in Wyoming, once said on a documentary: “If we`d known then that they were the good old days we`d have enjoyed them more”, hahaha!!! Still, I think it`s really funny that it`s the Daily Entrail that is giving this DVD away, that`s all.

    PS We`ve run out of Golliwogs now folks, so it`ll have to be “Prince Harry Stormtrooper Action Figures” for the rest of you I`m afraid. Sorry.

  10. Matt, that’s a good question. The short answer is that I don’t know – I’m not sure to what extent you can separate the slogan from the artwork. Most of the ‘responses’ that are being proposed trample on both. I would assume that it’s jointly held by Ariane and myself.

  11. Does the illustration in the papers show the actual ads poposed? I`m not clear about this. If so, then they are ads for Bonkers Hargreaves` own personal political party, and nothing else, which I think takes the whole debate to another level – they`re not the funny, quirky slogans that everyone`s making them out to be any more. I mean, how on earth (or in heaven for that matter) can you say “There IS a god, so join the Christian Party”? He is talking about his POLITICAL group here, not the vicar`s tea-party!! It`s pretentious nonsense!!!

  12. This gave me a jolly good laugh – another spot-on post!

    As to the links to the articles, I was trying not to get too wound up by them until I read Hargreaves’ own admission that the Christian Party are less popular than the BNP, then started grinning again.

    Good job I’m sat here listening to Jerry Springer: The Opera…

  13. Yeah, it is a tricky one. I was going to suggest that if you wanted to go after them yourself, to protect your copyright as a designer, it might not necessarily be ammunition for them to say ‘look at those militant atheists trying to silence us believers’, but the interconnectednes of the slogan and design probably do make it a can of worms.

    It’s definitely the similarity to the colour scheme which is (or would be) the most important part in copyright terms, though. With the slogan they can argue a defence of parody, which the law entitles people to make. With the colour scheme, any similarity is arguably an attempt to pass off their work as yours, or their ad as part of the same campaign as Ariane’s (that sounds nonsensical, but suppose someone had vaguely heard about some big bus campaign but hadn’t followed the story, and then saw one of the Christian adverts, they might wrongly infer that that was the one getting all the publicity).

    If you were going to go after them on any of those grounds, the colour scheme would be the angle to take, undoubtedly. It’s got the strongest legal grounds and it might possibly avoid making it a free speech issue in the way defending the slogan might (though doubtless they’d spin it that way any way – perhaps there’s nothing to be done).

  14. Jeanette – thanks. The BNP comment amused me as well.

    Matt, that’s interesting information. I just don’t think it’s worth rising to the bait. When Ron Heather made his stand against the ABC it only served to increase our media presence. The Christian Party don’t deserve the same coverage.

  15. I’m sure you’re right, Graham – this is one of those cases where all the maxims about no such thing as bad publicity can be read either way; given that the atheist bus campaign has been a success in its own terms, it probably doesn’t really matter what anyone else does. If it was me, I’d be concerned about the ‘passing off’ effect of similar adverts but it’s impossible to quantify the effect of that compared to the effect of giving them publicity. Personally, I just hope they don’t feel the need to come up with anything offensive to people who don’t believe. If they can avoid that, it’ll do me.

  16. This mutt looks like that thick skinned idiot son of the judge from Fresh Prince of Belair (Carlton was his name) All good looks, smiles and energy but between the ears, nudda.
    How much did he raise from his campaign? How much networking did he do? How many individual contributions did he get? Nudda.

  17. Today’s good news is that the ABC made it into tonight’s University Challenge as a question – at about 20:13, for those viewing again!

  18. No – the question referred to the Bus-Ad Campaign. I believe the answer was: “Narrow-minded, homophobic bigot”.

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