Here’s something abstract for your Sunday morning. If you lean in and out it kind of ‘moves’.

Be careful though; rocking backwards and forwards in your chair isn’t a good look.


16 thoughts on “131

  1. Far-out, man 😀

    Sorry, I just went with my first reaction to it. Now excuse me, I feel the urge to go and tie-dye some t-shirts…

  2. You are right. I was rocking back and forth and I was hauled off to an Eastern European zoo to keep their demented bear company.

  3. Amusing comments! Also some interesting interpretations. Personally I see it as an underground tunnel.

    Behind the scenes trivia: it started off as a barcode.

  4. Graham: Stephen Green has your website on his “Ones to watch” list.

    I expect he was rocking backwards and forwards to this post whilst singing to “Songs of Praise”. Even Mr Green has to multi-task sometimes!

  5. It must indeed be gratifying to know that Stephen “Birdshit” Green is recommending that his acolytes (Fred & Doris Bigot) should read this blog!! It just goes to show: There is some good even in the worst of us!!!

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