I asked myself this on Sunday when I found an old diary of mine from 1996. It wasn’t comfortable reading.


10 thoughts on “133

  1. So you think YOU`VE got problems? When I was a young man (some years ago now I`m afraid!!) I was a fanatical evangelical Christian, and absolutely convinced that my views were 100% correct!!! I`m ashamed of it now, but it`s too late for remorse, and in any case the people who SHOULD feel guilty are the maniacs who brainwashed me when I was a child – that`s unforgivable. I have “borrowed” a phrase from a couple of guys on Gaydar who describe themselves as “evangelical atheists” – good isn`t it? Life certainly takes some strange turns, and it doesn`t do to be too smug!!!!!

  2. It’s possible that ‘Both’ is the answer to the question. Only you know that, I guess.

    I like the speech bubble. You’ve managed to give it some depth and texture in the middle section which reminds me of a whoopee cushion. The way the rubber dips and hangs when it’s not inflated.

  3. This is a no-brainer. I need to inspect the 1996 diary before leaving a proper comment. Why don’t you publish some of it tomorrow? As a starting point, I suggest the first 25 pages (but don’t be afraid if you want to go higher).

    No skimping on the juicy stuff.

  4. I like this piece, it has a certain visual impact that I can’t quite define, but I just think it works somehow.

  5. I didn’t really get this at first but I’ve looked at it again and noticed the way both statements are relative – I like that, makes it more a matter of changing perspective than anything else. I can imagine a little sad figure sat in a prison cell thinking it, or something.

  6. barriejohn – indeed.

    Justin, I didn’t actually conceive it as a speech bubble. It’s more like a blur of confusion. Now you mention it though, I’m happy to go along with it.

    MJB, I’d sooner post my debit card details. It’s pretty bleak stuff and I’m glad I’m not like that now. The most amusing bit, which I can’t find now to quote properly, lamented the fact that I had the pulling power of a fridge magnet.

    Hadleigh, as long as it works I don’t care how!

    Ariane, the diary was around the time that I placed that ad in Select and started writing to you so yes, it’s probably similar to my letters at the time. Reading it now, I’m amazed you put up with me.

    Matt, you’re exactly right. That’s why there are parallel lines. Perhaps the ‘or’ is confusing. If you remove it and turn it into two separate questions, you’re essentially referencing the same thing.

  7. This diary gets more intriguing by the minute. What’s wrong with bleak stuff? Bleak is good. I think we all deserve a small taster. Just go for it!

    Don’t worry, this will be my final posting on the subject.

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