I quite like the idea that a firm like this could exist for so long. People like honesty don’t they?


8 thoughts on “134

  1. Honesty is vastly overrated and deep down everyone knows it.

    “Does my bum look big in this?”

    “Is she prettier than me?”

    But enough about what I ask my girlfriend.

  2. This was great. 😀 I ‘lol’d’, as someone probably said on the internet.

    By the way, you aren’t turning whistleblower on your own employing industry, are you? 😉

  3. Do they really do that? Do they really? I found myself going over Mr “Leave Me Alone!”‘s jobs in my head while reading it, just to make sure he couldn’t have got away with anything like that.

  4. hmmm, this is reminiscent of my previous career as a lawyer… ‘specialists’ (in the broadest sense) can get away with all sorts of shennanigans…

  5. Justin – I’m not sure if you’re telling the truth.

    Hadleigh & Ariane (if I may couple you off) – it’s probably closer to reality than you’d imagine. But not for my firm. Obviously.

    Andrew, I suspect that’s true of most professions.

    Matt – that will probably be on his next visit.

  6. How ingenius of “Mrs Burridge” to administer a truth drug into the plumber’s cup of tea!

    Probably the most sophisticated episode of “Rogue Traders” yet!

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