I wouldn’t analyse this one too much. Like many things, it just fell out of my head with no particular purpose.


7 thoughts on “138

  1. I used to love this sort of thing when I was a boy; the idea that there is an infinite number of little men holding up an infinite number of identical flags is really difficult to take in. Equally spooky are the “possibly related posts”, eg “Concussion – signs That Your Kid Has One”. Where does THAT connection come from I wonder?

  2. I agree with barriejohn, those infinite pictures used to, and still do, fascinate me.

    At our local Waitrose, there is a large, slow lift to the carpark with four big wall-size mirrors on each wall, so you can watch yourself and millions of “replicants” waving at each other, etc. Of course, I only ever waved at myself if I was alone in the lift – it became one of my fun-things-to-do-on-a-Thursday, sort of thing.

    Just recently, my wife pointed out the lift’s discrete CCTV camera, which I hadn’t spotted.

  3. You`ve made me laugh again Richard!! I used to set up mirrors to create this effect when I was young; why is it so fascinating I wonder?!!

  4. I expect you’re all to young to remember the label on the Camp coffee bottle. There was a bottle on a table with a label showing a bottle on a table with a…and so on ad infinitum. It really was called Camp coffee, and it tasted vile.

  5. It was a blend of coffee and chicory that allegedly provided a delicious coffee-substitute for British troops, and was absolutely disgusting!! (I believe some people used it as an alternative to creosote on their fences!!!). It did, however, bring “coffee” within the budget of working-class families, and my mother always bought the Co-op “Shieldhall” version. The illustration is said to show Maj. Gen. Sir Hector MacDonald (“Fighting Mac”!!)being served Camp Coffee by his Sikh manservant, but this was all changed some time ago, for obvious reasons, so the tray etc disappeared!! Apparently some Sikh shopkeepers still refuse to stock the bottles, even with the revised illustration. Sadly, “Fighting Mac” shot himself in 1903, when he learned that he would be facing “grave charges” involving “several schoolboys in a railway carriage” amongst other things!!! Just put “Camp Coffee” in your address bar, and you can find out even more!!!!! (PS I see that the Daily Rail are having yet ANOTHER go at Wikipedia this very morning. I think we all know when to exercise caution when accessing information on the net.)

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