Sorry, this blog has been a bit low on humour lately but I’m sure you all prefer the experimental stuff anyway – right?

“No.” – All my readers.


8 thoughts on “140

  1. I’m pretty late to this place/idea, and I know you do this for some posts, but could you at least name the program/process that you used? Is it always the same one? I’m a total “blank slate” noob, so trying to figure out what I need to do what I want, that’s why I ask..

  2. As a comedy junkie, I’m always lurking for a humour fix. I don’t know the full stats, but the hippie stuff (experimental) seems to be winning at the moment.

    I’d definitely like to see more spoof and less Jimi Hendrix.

  3. Rob, that did cross my mind actually.

    AitchJay, welcome. Almost everything I do is created in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or a combination of both. This post was mostly Illustrator but finished off in Photoshop.

    MJB, hopefully the next few days will be more to your liking. I’ll happily take the Jimi Hendrix reference though.

  4. Hmm, at the risking of sounding snobbily critical (and hopefully constructively so instead), I think there’s probably motion through too many planes in the pattern. I think the eye sort of infers a left-right direction of travel in these things and the pattern itself fights against that. Very nearly there, though. And I am looking at it on a less-than-brillian laptop screen.

  5. Matt, you took the words off my keyboard.

    I see some sort of mystical, half-crazed, demonic, pink-faced Ram, rising from the depths of Hades itself…

    … or maybe it is just a sponge?

  6. I really like this one. But maybe I just took too many drugs in my youth.

    Ariane – for your back? Do you have a different washing implement for each body part? Maybe don’t answer that…

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