I don’t have shares or any other interest in this company but from my limited experience they are very good. I do wonder, though, whether you really can write anything on their cards or whether there is some kind of decency threshold they won’t cross.


6 thoughts on “141

  1. They are missing out on a whole revenue stream if they don’t allow cards like these! But why no message on the inside…? How about

    “Oh, and by the way you’re about to be laid off.

    Best Wishes, The Management”.

  2. …”your girlfriend dumped you for that gorgeous male nurse who attended you at the hospital”!! (I know – it would sound even worse if it was the female one, but it would be difficult to phrase that without offending someone!!!)

  3. Like it!

    Nothing says “I have so little regard for you that I can’t be arsed to go to a shop and find a card that expresses my feelings for you” than Moonpig.com.

    As for the decency threshold, at least you’d get a refund if they deem your message to be out of order:

    5.1. Abuse of Service

    You agree not to use the website directly or indirectly for any unlawful purpose or so as to cause distress or offence to any person. We reserve the right not to process your order if we decide that you are using the website for such purposes and ban you from placing orders with us in the future. In such an event we will refund any payment made by you.

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