This is my answer to The Wizard of Oz.


11 thoughts on “143

  1. This was very hard on my eyes – it wouldn’t stop moving!

    I wondered where our carpet-fitter went the other day…

  2. Do you believe in Jesus as your Lord and Saviour? If not then you are heading for Hellfire – you have been warned.

  3. Ariane, I was merely referring to the black and white to colour transition.

    Richard, I hope your eyes will accept my apology. It wasn’t as bad as 076 though was it?

    Mike, I don’t think he was doing anything useful with it anyway.

    Matt – too right. I would.

    Hadleigh, I think you should just go with the tie-dye thing as you’re clearly harbouring a mild obsession. You could make matching outfits for yourself and Lisa. Personally it reminds me of those Global Hypercolour shirts from the early 90s – remember them? “I’m sweating and I want the world to know it.”

    Bob, how awful! I have made a diary note to shit myself as soon as time allows.

  4. Graham: Many thanks for making me trawl all the way back to 076, which turned out to be the post I had suspected. 143 is much harder on my eyes!

    Strangely, post 075 is now topical, but rather poignant.

    Bob: Do you ever find fluffy bits of mutton in you belly button, Mr Hutton. Yes? Well please stop hiding them in there.

  5. Sorry Richard, I should have linked to it rather than making you trawl. As for 075, ‘professional idiot’ seems rather harsh now. Poor girl.

  6. Bloody hell, 076 is a bit of an instant hangover isn’t it? I just looked at the cat after looking at that post and it was quite a troubling experience…

    I’m no WordPress expert, but I think there’s some setting you can change as regards the permalink – rather than using the date and the post title, I think you can set it to use only the post title, hence you’d get creativeyear.wordpes.com/076 or whatever as your permalink, which would make it a doddle for people to look old ones up. Might mess up all the other links though, I s’pose, so probably a useless suggestion…

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