I’ve been aware for some time that finding old Creative Year posts – should you wish to look one up for some reason – is a bit of a nightmare. The subject cropped up again in a recent comment so I thought I’d be a helpful chap and make a proper index. It was a real pain in the arse to create  – 144 individual links to copy and paste, then a brief description of each post. When the tedious task was finished I wrote a quick introduction to the new page and prepared to publish it. As I did so, I accidentally navigated away from the page I was working on and when I hit the ‘back’ button everything I’d done was missing. WordPress saves a draft copy of what you’re doing every minute or so but as I was staring in horror at the blank page before me, it automatically saved again – overwriting the old one and leaving it irretrievable. The air in my flat is still tinged with blue. So, although it wasn’t really my fault, please learn from my pain and save often.

Anyway, when I can bring myself to do it again you will have a proper index. And you’d better bloody appreciate it too.


4 thoughts on “145

  1. This made me laugh. And why is the word “smug” so be-fitting of Him and His followers?

    Matt: The “look busy” tag is great. I always chuckle when I see the posters outside churches proclaiming “The Wages of Sin are Death!”

    … because I visualise the tag:

    “- but the hours are good!!”

  2. I remember seeing an old story in John Buchan’s memoirs.When support for unmarried mothers was introduced, an old Scotsman remarked, “I thought the wages of sin was death, but apparently it’s ten shillings a week.”

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