So here it is – the final post. Sorry if you were expecting something less anticlimactic. Now, before you go and delete your bookmark or whatever you have, I’d be very interested if you could take the time to tell me which post(s) you enjoyed the most. Don’t forget to use the index above if you need to refresh your memory. I’m not expecting any kind of consensus but would appreciate your comments. For the record, my own favourites are all ‘serious’ pieces; 014, 025, 051, and 115 are the closest I came to satisfaction, with 051 the most pleasing overall.

Thanks for following this blog, especially those who have been around since the start, and for offering the encouragement I needed to take it as far as I have. I really didn’t expect it to get as much traffic as it has and I’m grateful for every single visit. I now intend to take a short break to catch up with a few things and then I’ll be back with a brand new (rather less visual) blog. Details will follow here soon.

Until then, thanks again.



I don’t know if exams are really getting easier or not but I’m the only person I know who used to enjoy doing them.

Final post tomorrow!


There are a very large number of people who do this kind of stuff, most of whom shouldn’t be doing it. Knocking your auntie’s holiday snaps into shape is one thing, but advertising and charging for such a common skill is a little deluded.



I’m always baffled by people who take time to create classified adverts for things with virtually no value. Are they really so altruistic that they just want to see someone else benefit from their unwanted possessions? The money must barely cover their insertion fees. And there’s always someone asking an absurd amount of money for a PC that’s effectively unusable.

Meanwhile, this final week of Creative Year is no fun at all. I expected to coast to a pressure-free conclusion safe in the knowledge that the finishing post (quite literally) was in sight, but instead I have been struck by severe creative block probably brought on by the subconscious feeling that I’ve already finished. It’s like playing 10 minutes of injury time when you’re already 5-0 down – your heart’s just not in it and you’re longing for the whistle. Anyway, that hopefully explains yesterday’s abysmal offering and I can’t promise that there’s not worse to come.