This  is a pretty accurate representation of my love life. ‘VeggieMatch’ isn’t a real site of course but I do belong to a similar one and every few weeks they send me an email like this saying that so-and-so viewed my profile several days ago. They might as well add ‘and decided not to write to you.’ Hi girls.


10 thoughts on “152

  1. I love KutieKatie`s message!! Private Eye had an hilarious column called “From the Message Boards” every week in similar vein – messages so appallingly cringeworthy that they were almost as bad as the real thing. (On second thoughts, perhaps they were!!!). I hope the new column “twitter” isn`t a replacement for that – anyone else agree?

  2. “… I make no secret of my experience with w…”

    I found myself clicking on this to find out more; was it “watercress”, “watermelons”, or something a little more suggestive, like “whipped cream”.

    I really want to know!

  3. No!No!No! Dyna Might is the perfect match for Stephen “Birdshit” Green – mutual interest in protests and rallies all over the country, etc. What could possibly go wrong?!! (PS I did try to unsubscribe from receiving further emails from these people, but without success. Can you advise?)

  4. Well it’s touching that so many of you want to see me find true happiness… but I think perhaps I’ll wait until the next email.

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