9 thoughts on “153

  1. Really liked this one, Graham. Some things troubled me over the weekend about your project though and I feel compelled to ask you about them! You’re posting every day, which, given the calibre of the posts, is very impressive. Do you actually create your posts once a day or do you sometimes get a few done in one go? And do you plan to holiday thoughout this adventure? If so, how do you plan to handle this?!

  2. I’d be happy to do a few ‘shifts’ if he wants to go on holiday.

    My artistic fee is a modest £20 per hour. How long will I need? I think my creative juices can do it in 12 hours. So I make that £240 plus expenses = £300. That’s got to be the bargain of the year.

  3. This one makes perfect sense to me. A kiss can mean so many things, and there are so many different aspects to love. Thank you for this, Graham.

  4. Ah, the meaning of a kiss – I get it now! Very clever. Very good.

    So is there’s a spurned lover’s body lying just off the bottom of the post with the other end of the rope round their neck?

  5. Simon, thank you. Don’t be troubled! The posts take an average of three hours each so I can only create one a day during the week. This is achieved by having no social life whatsoever. At weekends I can sometimes do three or four but this buffer gets eaten up again if I have to miss an evening (due to going to football, for example). At the moment, however, I’m four posts ahead of myself which is the highest it’s ever been but more often than not I’ve been making posts the night before they go up. In hindsight I shouldn’t have started in October – I should have spent three months building up a huge buffer and then started in January with no pressure. But then I wouldn’t have been able to do topical stuff, so maybe it’s better as it is. Sorry, I’m rambling. Anyway, I don’t plan to go on holiday before the project ends so I’m reasonably confident that I’ll be able to keep up with it…

    …which means that sadly, MJB, I don’t think I’ll need to avail myself of your generous offer. Ta anyway.

    Ariane, you’re right about the kisses but there are other implications in the piece – i.e. X-rated and ex-partner – that I also had in mind.

    Matt, I was going have the rope running straight down but thought it seemed a little macabre, which is why I added a frayed end instead. And then you jumped to the macabre conclusion anyway! Really it’s just there to signify a loose end, hanging around, a lost load, something to climb… whatever you want it to, really.

  6. Very clever about the extra meanings, Graham – I barely even cottoned onto the kisses thing, so x-rated and ex-partner passed me by completely. They say that, after circles, the x shape is the first one that small children, in all cultures, draw – supposedly it’s also second only to the circle in the number of meanings which it has as a symbol.

    I broke off from reading Frankenstein to look at this post – probably explains the macabre conclusion.

  7. Graham, thanks for allaying my concerns, although I now worry how you can go for 12 months without a holiday…

  8. Oh, it’s easy. As far as I can recall I’ve only had three proper holidays in my life – a week in York when I was ten, a week in Switzerland eight years ago and four days in Paris five years ago. I have time off work, of course, but never go anywhere. It never struck me as particularly unusual but perhaps it is.

  9. … and don’t forget your day trip to London two months ago!

    I had a “string of kisses, with love”; I didn’t any “x-rated” etc. connotations.

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