Sadly, I think a lot of people would read this magazine.

The guy’s finger holding the glass is a bit of a design problem but I figured that the editor would have thought it was a waste of time trying to fix it. They’ve also spelt ‘poison’ wrongly at the top. What a useless lot!

On a more positive note, I managed to sort out my TV problem. They didn’t have the model I had before – I got the impression they’d had numerous problems with them – so I went for a larger screened Sony, paying the difference but getting a £100 discount. So I’m happy, and this time it will last for years and give me no problems. Well you have to be optimistic, don’t you?


9 thoughts on “154

  1. I just know I`m not going to be able to think up anything witty to say about this again – it does get you down.

  2. Great timing: this is the contents of your average newspaper at the moment. Seriously. I sometimes think people buy them to read stuff they can moan about.

  3. Why is it only quarterly as well – you`d think they could publish it more frequently than that!!

  4. He’s holding the glass by the stem, though, which means he’s at least optimistic enough to believe it might make a difference. Or maybe the foot has just broken off it and he can’t put it down on the table. That would be typical.

    The fact it’s from Future Publishing made me giggle.

  5. The bride doesn’t look too down-hearted given the disastrous wedding; I guess the fee paid to her has softened the blow somewhat. I wonder whether that sort of excitable face is appropriate for the readers of Pessimist’s Quarterly though…

  6. Glad you got your telly problem sorted – just make sure you give the screen a regular polishing ‘cos you can’t be optimistic with a misty optic…

  7. This made me laugh! I get a warm feeling inside when I read about miserable people…

    I remember when I was young being in the dentists and there being two neat piles of magazines to read. One was the “Peoples Friend”, the other was the “Chicken Breeders’ Gazette”. The latter was a real hoot!

  8. I was tempted to take out a subscription to this publication, but I don`t suppose the articles are half as good as they look on the cover, and even if they are I won`t have the time to read them, besides which, even if these people get the subscription details correct, you can`t rely on the post these days, everything going astray or arriving looking as though it`s been through a mangle…..

  9. Thank you all. Try not to get too down – the world will probably end soon which means that nothing really matters anyway.

    Simon, the bride is actually screaming in anguish but at such a small size she looks like she’s laughing.

    Jeanette – I think Ariane has a rival to her ‘pun-queen’ title!

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