On a Photoshop forum I occasionally frequent, the weekly task is to remove the glasses from the photo on the left and make him look a bit older. It’s boring, I know, but I thought I’d have a stab at it and I was pretty pleased with the result.


14 thoughts on “155

  1. This is very clever! Can you show us what Michael Jackson will look like in twenty years? On second thoughts, scratch that idea…

    Back to your life, Graham: Does the three hours per post include the time you spend at your desk, whacking yourself on the head with a fresh halibut, desperately hoping for inspiration for your next brilliant idea?

    Or will any flat-fish suffice?

  2. Hmmm – quite interesting I suppose, but I do hope no one misses today`s fascinating link “Repurpose Glass Jars for Photo Frames” – a “cool project” indeed (I can`t believe I`m actually writing this nonsense!!). Evidently you can use glass jars of all shapes and sizes, and different coloured jars create a marvellous effect. There is loads of helpful advice, like “get some photos together” (I`d never have thought of that one), and “clean off any labels” – well, it wouldn`t do to be displaying any Golliwogs, would it!!!!!

  3. Such photoshop-wizardry is not boring at all Graham! There seem to be so many subtleties in your altered image: receding, greying hair, eyebrows, furrowed brow and a possible increase in ear-hair? Not sure about the smug half-smile though, although the spectacle removal is textbook.

    Back to your life, Graham: which football team drags you away from your creative pursuit, and, what have you found on television that requires your recent double investment?

  4. Ah – bloke 2 is jowlier, with bushier eyebrows, more wrinkles, a downturned mouth and less (and greyer) hair. Mind you, the first bloke looks like he dyes his slightly…

  5. that is really impressive… are you self taught? How does one get started with this sort of stuff anyway?

  6. Richard – no, it doesn’t include thinking time. That’s the worst bit by far. I would never use fish though, even if I was floundering.

    barriejohn, I never notice the links. I’m guessing they’re mostly irrelevant?

    Matt, thanks.

    Simon – there’s that phrase again! “Back to your life, Graham…” Are you and Richard planning an unauthorised biography? My team is Ipswich Town, who rewarded my creative sacrifice last night with one of the worst performances of all time. And there’s plenty of great stuff on TV – I don’t have time to watch much, but The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Skins and Home and Away are, of course, essential.

    Ariane, if it’s of any interest the guy is Alan Greenspan, chairman of the Federal Reserve under the Reagan, Clinton and Bush (both Junior and Senior) administrations. That wasn’t of interest at all was it?

    Andrew – yes, I am largely self taught. I got started by simply installing the software and experimenting. There’s a plethora of tutorial videos online if you need them.

  7. I nearly said ‘Is that Alan Greenspan?’. I would have looked smart then, but didn’t bother.

    So you managed to post the ‘Pessimist’s Quarterly’ update on the day of a 3-0 thumping? My, how apt.

  8. I reckon there must have been a few copies lying around in the changing room. “Play-offs? Us? Nah.”

  9. That is outstanding – to correct the distortion of the lenses is what I find most impressive – which usually means it was the easiest part of the process.

  10. Being a natural born cynic I always take with a large dose of salt those regular offerings in the “newspapers” where they endeavour to show us what celebrities will look like in twenty million years time; likewise on documentaries when a skull (or even a piece of a skull!!) is used to “reconstruct” the features of some long-deceased individual. “And here`s what Herbert the Viking actually looked like!” crows Tony Robinson. (“Yeah – sure” thinks me!!!). Well – have you ever started with someone`s photo, taken OFF twenty years, and then compared the result with the real thing (without cheating!!)? If not, then that would seem a very interesting exercise, and should tell you quite a lot about the accuracy of your methods.

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