Julian Beever’s work is pretty amazing. According to this site, his drawings are sometimes halted by council busybodies so perhaps Conrad’s story isn’t so far fetched. To be honest, though, I suppose their objection is because of defacement rather than ‘encouraging false bravado’.


6 thoughts on “157

  1. Beever`s artworks are absolutely incredible – there`s no other word for it. His grasp of perspective is mindblowing.

    Incidentally, we have just had our local “free” newspaper delivered, and I see that Ipswich`s recent 3-0 drubbing came at the hands of SOUTHAMPTON of all teams!! Now that really IS humiliation!!!

  2. PS I have now run out of jamjars (for the “repurposing” of). Can anyone send me a further supply please – I think I`m becoming addicted.

  3. Ariane: “Fantastic MM” – sorry, what’s that?

    It happened to me! I fell into a sewer drain when I was about six. A friend had removed the drain cover on a road, as I was walking backwards pulling a wooden steam locomotive with string. A helpful neighbour saw it happen and ran out of his house to rescue me!

    NB Once again, the younger readers will need to google the terms “wooden”, “steam locomotive” and “helpful neighbour”.

  4. This artwork would really confuse my mum. Years ago she made us all traipse up a path in the local park to admire their new garden gnome & it turned out to be an old tap covered in plastic lagging…

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