I don’t know who the real guinea pig was, but they must have had balls of steel.


6 thoughts on “158

  1. Are you getting all the help you need Graham?

    When I was reading the comments on the latest posting at mediawatchwatch (not to be confused with mediawatch or even mediawatchuk!!) someone mentioned a site called xkcd and it`s brilliant, though not as good as this one, obviously. Has anyone else discovered this site? It`s well worth a look. I wonder what other hidden gems there are out there, but like everyone else I`ve only got 24 hours in every day!!!

  2. PS There`s a link on this page to a site called “Bell Jar Blog”, but it`s not what you might think!! (No useful “repurposing” going on here, I`m afraid.) However, the link to “What You Should Know About Serving as Your Own Attorney” is full of absolutely fascinating information!!! I think you should save that one Graham – you never know when it might come in useful!!!

  3. You might say he was blinded by science!

    Now that’s what I call a double-blind trial!

    He needs this like he needs a hole in the head!

    …And so on.

  4. Nice one.

    The rewards for being a medical guinea pig are not usually good. But I’m sure the early laser volunteers would have got something a bit special – I’m guessing £1000 + tea and biscuits.

  5. There`s a very funny Nick Gurewitch cartoon strip about laser eye surgery, called “Bee”, @ “Perry Bible Fellowship”. Anyone else seen it? As with Graham, strange things obviously go on inside his brain!!

  6. barriejohn, you seem well versed in the world of webcomics. The Perry Bible Fellowship is amazing – I’d love to have an imagination like that.

    Andrew, I’ve been meaning to tell you how remarkable I think your blog is. Everybody should read it. Go on people, do it now!

    MJB, I think Eustace would be too polite to accept a fee. Maybe a couple of corks?

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