It’s a shame I didn’t have room for the crossword.


10 thoughts on “159

  1. “Verity Price – 82 years”: I can believe that!! By the way, did you know that Stephen Green and John Beyer are founder-members?

  2. Very amusing. You’ve got a real knack for coming up with that particular kind of name that instantly makes someone sound like a very English kind of busybody. What is it about names like Verity Price and Peter Cotton? I don’t know.

    Probably not far off the truth either. Hull is as close as any city in England gets to Hell.

    Is it pedantic to point that Humberside was mercifully abolished in 1996, with the northern parts being restored to their rightful place in a county named Yorkshire? I don’t know what they did with Grimsby. I think they raffled it off to some Chinese tourists.

  3. Barriejohn, are you suggesting that there are those who might be both single and non-celibate? In England?

    Since it’s a celibacy society, are you better off joining your local branch or a faraway one so that there’s even less danger of meeting someone? Wait… O dear, that’s what the internet is, isn’t it? It’s one gigantic celibacy club.

  4. Excellent. I think that is my favourite post so far. Hopefully, you’ll do Page 2 at a later date?

  5. Another great “reality” post Graham.

    I note with some disappointment that very few members of the clergy are able to qualify…

  6. Nice Cliff Richard’s references in there. I presume the annual dinner has dancing afterwards at a distance…

  7. Speaking of Saint Richard of the Cliff, anyone who wants a real laugh should have a look at his rendering of “Over the Rainbow” on YouTube!!! The background noise is Judy Garland spinning in her grave!!!

  8. barriejohn, I can’t mock them for that seeing as I’m the chairman.

    Matt, I realised that Humberside didn’t exist anymore while I was doing it but to be honest it seemed quite fitting.

    Ariane, I’m saying nothing.

    MJB – really? Not much chance of page 2 I’m afraid.

    Richard, I’m not sure how you’re defining a ‘reality’ post!

    Jeanette – yes, and with enough mistletoe and wine for everyone.

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