This is to celebrate National Family Week, which is at the end of May. I’ve been thinking for some time about doing a themed week and here it is. For Creative Year, read commercial suicide.


11 thoughts on “160

  1. This is all a bit depressing Graham, but very believable!! If anyone wants a really good laugh today though, they only have to check out the link “Family Worship (Part4): Involve The Children”. I was splitting my sides with laughter already when I reached the reference to their daughter “Baylee”. I`m afraid I may have to see my GP now about the further damage I have done to my hernia!!!

  2. I have only just realized why some of the nomens on here appear in blue – the users also have a site of their own!! Not being a computer nerd, it had puzzled me for some time I`m afraid. Isn`t life grandy-dandy!!!

  3. Very insightful, Graham. I take their teenage children will completely hate and resent their parents, and really be afraid they’re going to turn in to them? Or have I spoiled it for everyone this week, giving away future plot developments… 😛

  4. Well, that’s six more comments than I expected to get! It isn’t meant to be bleak though.

    Hadleigh, you might be surprised. Or, more likely, disappointed.

  5. I suppose you’re right, Graham. It’s isn’t bleank per se; just honest, I guess. It’s quite profound in a sad sort of a way. It’s one of those things that makes me add up even my (relatively) young years and think that even modest ambition starts to seems a push timewise. Maybe that’s no bad thing; realising it, I mean.

    I look forward to the rest of the week’s entries.

  6. I thought “bleank” was a new “nonsense word” (after Lewis Carroll): a sort of cross between bleak and blank. You`ve disappointed me there Matt!!

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