Tomorrow: Daisy.


11 thoughts on “161

  1. Quite the philosopher, isn’t she?

    I don’t think I’m gonna make it to the end of the week…

  2. When my best friend was dying of leukaemia at the age of 50, he said to me: “I now realize that the only thing that really matters in life is relationships”. It`s very sad if you only discover that when lying on your death-bed!! Theresa is a very wise woman!!!

  3. Crumbs! You’d change your name by deed poll wouldn’t you?

    On an unrelated topic, I’ve just noticed there’s the tiniest of smileys at the bottom of your pages – selecting it in my browser makes her look even smilier as if she’s just been tickled or something.

  4. “What greater achievement can there be to bring new people into the world…?”

    Theresa, Theresa, Theresa! The world is overpopulated enough as it is. A cure for cancer would, frankly, be a greater achievement.

    Still, I’m being a curmudgeon. She’s happy, and I’m glad.

  5. Although I agree with you about world overpopulation Ariane, I think you`re entirely wrong in what you say. Procreation is what we`re here for, so, although (like others on this site that I could possibly name!!) I am single AND (at present) celibate, and without progeny, procreation is our greatest achievement. You`re in good company though, as I remember none other than Stephen Fry saying, possibly on “Room 101”, that the human body is nothing more than “a tube for squirting out poison”. Oh no it`s not – it`s a mobile egg incubator or sperm bank, as the case may be; every other function is subordinate to reproduction. How could the great man have got it so wrong!!!

  6. Sorry barriejohn, but mankind is the only creature that can and does choose that procreation is not the be all and end all of its life. All organisms are hardwired to perpetuate the species, only mankind has the cognative will (and technology) to take preventative measures to 1. avoid pregnancies or 2. terminate unwanted pregnancies. Human overpopulation is the way we will (if left unchecked) destroy ourselves soonest. And of course Mr. Fry is right, he’s on T.V. lol

  7. You`re arguing against nature and against yourself mike!! “All organisms are hardwired to peretuate the species” as you say, and every other function is subordinate to this one, even the almost overwhelming instinct for self-preservation. The fact that humans can subliminate these basic urges, and find other sources of fulfilment, doesn`t mean that they are no longer there. Surely Darwin has shown us that if procreation was not the strongest and most pleasurable experience for any species, then it would eventually die out. Overpopulation, however, does seem to be “the elephant in the living-room” when the question of human survival and, indeed, the survival of life on this planet is being discussed – but that`s another matter!!!

  8. PS I have had a quick look at population figures, as I don`t like to make make claims without checking the statistics first: When it was becoming evident that steps would need to be taken to restrict the world`s population, back in the 1950`s (yes, those were the days!!), the total was around 2.7 billion. It is now around the 6.7 billion mark!!! It makes all the exhortations to switch off unused electrical appliances and use energy-saving devices seem rather pathetic doesn`t it?!!

  9. PPS I see that I have now invented a new word – “subliminate” – when I in fact meant “sublimate”. Still, I`m sure “subliminate” will come in useful for some future purpose, as it sounds such a good word!!

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