Tomorrow: Joshua.


10 thoughts on “162

  1. “Life With The Griblets” Episode One:

    “Did you have your friends back late last night again Daisy Delilah?”

    “Yes, Mum, but we didn`t wake anyone up did we?”

    “No, but you do leave things in a bit of a state, and there was a dirty coffee-cup in the bathroom this morning!”

    “Oh, dear, I am sorry, that was Tracy again!”

    “Must have been Tracy`s Beaker! Ha!Ha!Ha!”

    “Oh Dad – your jokes get worse and worse…”

    (Continues in same vein until ANOTHER repeat of “My Family”.)

  2. I agree with Matt – she’s pleasant and reasonably balanced. I was expecting more of a neighbours-from-hell type family, so this was a nice surprise.

  3. barriejohn, give me 50% and the sitcom rights are yours.

    Matt, there’s probably no dog.

    Richard, I thought about going over the top but found it more interesting to retain a sense of normality. I’m glad it was a nice surprise rather than a crushing disappointment.

  4. Hey, Barriejohn – why are you dissing two of the shows I’ve written for?! (Or is this a coincidence?)

    Daisy seems likeable and pleasant, but I worked in a clothes shop when I was 16 and it was the most boring job I’ve ever had. I wouldn’t call it “making the most of life”. Then again, I really enjoyed working in Our Price, so perhaps it depends which shop.

  5. You should know there`s no such thing as coincidence Ariane. This is the Lord`s doing and it is marvellous in our eyes. His guiding hand is upon us directing every aspect of our lives according to His own unfathomable wisdom. His purposes we shall never fully understand. Still, if the cap fits, as they say!!

    PS Did you see that hilarious cartoon about correlation and causation @ xkcd & mediawatchwatch?

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