That’s it – no more Griblets. For what it’s worth, I found it quite an enjoyable exercise.


10 thoughts on “164

  1. Richard W – are you in fact the genius behind xkcd? If you look at today`s cartoon (No 555) I think you will see what I mean. It`s brilliant again!!

    Graham – hasn`t Shirley Elward penned any more gems recently?

  2. Poor Joshua. Even his family don’t like him! I especially liked the line, “Afterwards he said I’d done really well which was stupid because I hadn’t.” You can’t win when you’re a parent.

  3. Enjoyed reading about these people this week, however, I’m confused about the timing – National Family Week is in May so here are the Griblets?!

  4. What a surprise – I have just received an email from Shirley Elward asking me to pass on the text of her latest offering: “The Postmistress”!! I`m afraid it`s not quite up to the standard of “Cleaning the Loo”, but I understand that she was in a bit of a hurry to get it finished in time to meet a publisher`s deadline – and was also somewhat distracted by the recurrence of an old medical problem. Do note the rather clever puns at the end of the poem (watch out Ariane, and even Pam Ayres!!!.

    “I used to be a postmistress for many many years –
    It was a job that brought me many a laugh and a few small tears.
    I put stamps on all the parcels and letters –
    Some even went to Littlewoods,and others to Zetters!
    I knew many of my customers by name,
    But even if I didn`t I treated them all the same.
    It was great fun to meet new people every day,
    And I could catch up on all the gossip in no small way!
    Of our community the Post Office was the heart,
    And when it closed down eventually it did break my heart.
    A Post Office is needed in every village and town –
    If you have to travel miles to one it can really get you down!
    I tell everyone not to wear a frown –
    Just send an email, or even better a letter to Mr Gordon Brown.
    We all have to fight for what we believe to be right,
    So if we all put our stamp on the campaign the delivery of a first class postal service will, quite frankly, soon be in sight!!

    Shirley Elward, MBE.

  5. PPS Does anyone else look at the Cynical-C Blog? I have just seen the posting for 14th Jan 2008, called “Where`s Jesus?” and practically collapsed in laughter!! This lists dozens of documented instances, with incontrovertible visual proof in most cases, in which Our Beloved Lord and Saviour has graciously deigned to reveal Himself to an otherwise sceptical World. There are Christ-like images in everything from clouds to cookies, but the best has to be “Jesus in a dog`s ass” (I`m not joking either – they`ve got the photo to prove it!!!). However, one minister does sound a word of caution, before we all get carried away (by the men in white coats I shouldn`t be surprised): apparently we can`t be absolutely certain what Jesus actually looked like, because “there were no photos when He walked the earth 2000 years ago.” Wise words indeed.

  6. Simon, it was a joke. One of the non-funny ones I like to deal in.

    barriejohn, presumably Shirley’s MBE was for services to the postal service rather than her poetry.

  7. Graham, I used to live near a poor, deluded old guy who, just like “Our Shirl” thought he was the world`s greatest living poet. He was obsessed with the Royal Family – the Queen Mum in particular – and used to send off his offerings eulogising the lazy buggers on a regular basis. As far as he was concerned the sun shone out of their every orifice. (He also inundated the local papers, of course, but that`s another story.) When you visited him in his dingy little flat he would proudly show you all the framed letters he had on display from various royal equeries, thanking him for each missive that he had despatched over the years!! This to him was incontrovertible proof that the Queen Mother, in particular, was really impressed with his incredible talent, and almost overwhelmed with gratitude for his loyal devotion, whereas WE know that even if the old bat read any of his rubbish, she just left it to her staff to send off a standard reply. It`s strange how ready some people are to be taken in – almost as if they are willing it upon themselves!!! (Ref “Jesus in a dog`s ass”!!!!!)

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