This post is an observation rather than something I’ve experienced myself but it would really wind me up. Having a career has never appealed to me at all.


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  1. I can`t believe that no one else has found this posting interesting enough to comment on today. (And I`ve not been idle all day, before you suggest it!!) I am very much reminded of those “Bible Code Breakers”, who come up with the most complicated and unlikely systems for revealing the so-called “hidden meanings” in the Bible. Did you have that on your mind here? When you look at the intricacies of their rules for extracting a letter from this page, and another from that page, you wonder how anyone could be so stupid as to put forward such “theories” in the first place!!! I remember how disappointed I was when I first learned that you could not read Nostradamus`s quatrains in anything like the form that they are quoted, because a similar method has to be used to decode them, which leaves all sorts of room for manouevre; but at least his works were SUPPOSED to be coded in the first place.

  2. This is very clever.

    Many people, particularly in the US, go to church to network. Especially those in multi-level marketing schemes, in pursuit of the American dream. Churches make perfect grazing grounds when looking for desperate, gullible people.

    I find it all a bit toe-curling!

    PS Now off to make a donation.

  3. Richard W has opened another can of worms here!! There is a newspaper article somewhere on the net (can`t remember where just at the moment, but I saw it quite recently), where some guy is lamenting the fact that right-wing evangelicals are meeting at conventions with a view to engaging in (often gay) sexual liaisons, a la Ted Haggard. As regards the Haggard creature himself, have you seen HIS website recently? At the same time as he is “leading souls to Christ” he is (a)trying to sell life-insurance, (b)recruiting insurance agents (“You can make $500 to $5,000 per week with our agency!!), and (c)peddling some crazily-overpriced method of escaping debt, which looks suspiciously like MLM (pyramid-selling) to me!!! (The “family guy” pics on the site are well worth a look, by the way. We`ve seen all that sort of thing in this country with disgraced politicians in the past – as well as the “Little Britain” spoofs. They almost make you want to vomit. Talk about “the American Dream”!!!!!).

  4. PS I did get involved in MLM when I was much younger, as did my brother-in-law, who got into serious debt, and had to be rescued by my parents. (My sister sadly died of cancer, leaving him with four young children to bring up, so he was very vulnerable.) MLM was the latest thing from America, and was touted as a miraculous way to make money. Fortunately I saw through it before I got into trouble myself. If you recruit just ten people into your scheme, and they each do the same, by the time you reach your seventh level (which many of them had then), you have ten million people in your downline!! As the Americans would say themselves: “You do the math”!!!

  5. barriejohn, I saw a documentary once on the supposed ‘Bible Code’. I think I’m right in saying that they proved you could get consistent hidden messages out of almost any text. Didn’t the Bible Code say that the world was going to end in 2006?

    Matt – I hadn’t even thought about an RSS feed! I don’t use RSS myself so it hadn’t occurred to me. But then, it’s not like you need informing when there’s an update – there’s one at 7.00am every morning! Visiting the site isn’t that inconvenient is it?

    Richard – toe curling? I know someone who knows someone who knows someone who could help you with that.

  6. No, it isn’t that inconvenient – and in fact I suppose you’ve just pointed out my incredible laziness in even asking! That and a needless desire to have all the blogs I visit listed neatly on my live bookmarks toolbar. Is that obsessive? Oh dear, I fear it is.

    For what it’s worth, I think the RSS can be automatically turned on in the ‘Meta’ widget in WordPress.

  7. All these “prophets” are very good at what is known as “retroactive clairvoyance” Graham!! That is, predicting events which have already happened. When it comes to predicting future events they are universally hopeless!!!

  8. PS The Bible Code features, as ever, on that wicked, false, and devilish Wikipedia. The writer shows how the “decoding” works – hahaha!! Have a look at it – you`ll fall about laughing. You`re absolutely right about the end of the world – it happened in 2006. Well, no, it didn`t actually, so the prophecy must have been “a warning that we MIGHT all die in 2006” (my emphasis). What a load of ********!!!

  9. PS On second thoughts the world might well have ended in 2006, and we might now be inhabiting a virtual universe for all we know!! The Jehovah`s Witnesses (Russellites) have had to come up with rather devious constructs every time their confident predictions of Armageddon have proved to be somewhat wide of the mark. According to them, Jesus Christ DID actually return in the late 1800s, but “invisibly”, and is now hovering up in the air, somewhere between earth and heaven (can you believe it?)!! A friend of a friend`s was very heavily involved in Pyramidology (qv), another barmy belief-system, closely allied to Russellism, which failed miserably in the prophecy department – which was what it was all about really!! Erstwhile intelligent people still believe in it though!!!

  10. Hey barriejohn, you accuse me of opening a can of worms with MLM, and then you mention Haggard – well he’s an entire mouthful of the wriggly critters!

    Please post a link to his personal/business website – I’m in discussions with Xtians at the mo who think he’s some kind of poor, persecuted victim!

  11. Ted Haggard persecuted? “I DON`T believe it!!!”

    His “own personal website” (that`s an “in” joke by the way), is http://www.tedhaggard.com – not that difficult to find actually!! If you put in Ted Haggard on Live Search it heads the list of results, but not on Google. However, all search engines will give you hours of fascinating reading on the subject – hahaha!! Google, of course, directs you almost immediately to the YouTube offerings, particularly from the “Jesus Camp” series. “I know what you were doing last night. If you pay me a thousand dollars I WON`T tell your wife” etc. Are you with me here? This should be required viewing for all those who side with the lying, hypocritical, bigotted, amoral, manipulating, greedy, narcissistic bastard. (Did you realize that just as he launched his come-back TV blitz, a choir-boy crawled out of the woodwork and announced that “Faggard”, as they`re calling him now, had been doing naughty things with HIM for years, and Haggard had to admit it. I bet he wasn`t the only one either!!!)

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