This would have been easier if my desk was level.


20 thoughts on “169

  1. Very appropriate Graham!! I was going to ask Simon whether he had drawn my name in the “First Comment Sweepstake” today – hahaha!!!

  2. ARRGGHH! And I got up extra-early to deprive Simon of another sweepstake win!

    So, just to be a pedant, where’s the question mark?

  3. Sorry Richard W!! By the way, I should have also mentioned how clever this idea is. (Did you find what you wanted about Ted Haggard? There`s more to come, I`m sure!!!)

  4. No wonder you haven`t got time for this blog Graham, as you are obviously the genius behind xkcd!! Today`s offering features a guy who is having nightmares about not handing in his assignments on time!!! Check it out at http://xkcd.com – spooky or what? (The latest cartoon in the “Jesus and Mo” series is also very clever. Do other people look at that one? ( http://www.jesusandmo.net ) I`m amazed there haven`t been demonstrations against it yet – after all, we have to defend the freedom of speech of religious maniacs, don`t we?!!

  5. Why are my comments with web addresses “awaiting moderation” now? I see they don`t count towards the total number of comments, so does this mean that I`m the only one who can read them?

  6. Unfortunately I got Ariane in the sweepstake today, a losing hand dealt if ever there was one…

    I’m wondering if you the photo is one shot or a composite… if only one then wow, £101 in coins!

    Or are they not real?

    Or are you some kind of fruit machine wizard (where do you get the time?)

    Or are you a producer of fake coins?

    P.S. (O/T)
    Thanks for the point last night, I was a bit concerned the Tractor Boys might grab a winner but our needs are greater than yours at the moment.

  7. You must have been out on the piss, Graham. I always wake up the morning after to discover my pockets full of pound coins. Why do drunk people always pay with a note instead of counting out their change?

  8. Richard – I ran out of cash. And desk space.

    barriejohn, any comments that include links need my approval before appearing. It’s an anti-spam measure within WordPress.

    By the way, have you had any thoughts on what you’re going to do with your life when this blog concludes?

    Simon – damn, you’ve rumbled me. It’s a composite. I only had about 13 coins. And I dispute that your need for points is greater than ours!

    Matt – I’m teetotal but still have over £50 in change sitting on my kitchen worktop.

  9. Ariane, Simon? We ALL know she`s an insomniac. Bad luck!! (God, I bet I get into trouble over THAT one!!!)

    Some breaking news: The Daily Wail is complaining (on the front page of all places) that for one in seven children in our schools English is a second language. That`s a big improvement – when I was teaching it was about one in three!

    An item on teletext last night said that an American study shows that “pious” people cling on to life the hardest. As an ex-Christian, that doesn`t surprise me one bit. (By the way, don`t take any notice of the people who tell you that you CAN`T be “cured” of Christianity. I now have no unnatural, abhorrent, disgusting religious desires whatsoever!!)

    The Pope has declared that, far from preventing AIDS, condoms are the cause of the disease. Apparently this eminent scientist has proof that the virus can pass through condoms. But get this – this is “the first time that the Pope has used the word condom”!! I hope he rinsed his mouth out with soap and water, and said three Hail Marys, afterwards!!!

  10. You mean signed by “G-o-o-o-o-d” himself Simon? Wow – I`ll have that one!!

    For one moment I thought you were talking about SM there Matt – you got me quite excited!!!

  11. Simon, I can’t believe you counted all the coins. That is… time. Sorry for letting you down in the sweepstake.

    I like the fact that this photo is a composite and yet I can’t tell at all.

  12. I`ve just spotted Ariane`s remark to Simon: “Sorry for letting you down in the sweepstake.” This at 11.45 pm!! If there were prizes for understatement you would have won hands down there Ariane!!! It`s just a good job it wasn`t spread-betting, that`s all – hahaha!!!!!

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