12 thoughts on “171

  1. Graham – came across your work via the atheist bus launch & Ariane’s blog. I was delighted by the ‘Stop Worrying’ campaign as I had just devoured The God Delusion, and was feeling uplifted about there being another positive ‘choice’ out there. Finding Ariane’s blog was an added bonus. But the real money shot was coming across (I’m sorry about that…) your project – I loved it from the first moment and you have been a staple part of my daily web intake. As well as enjoying the delicious wit and wonderful artwork, I was also in awe of your output. So I heartily support your plan to reduce the daily pressure and maintain creative quality – there are so many in the creative world that should take note of your standards and commitment. Best of luck with the new plan and thank you very much for keeping me so entertained.

  2. Terrific post again Graham.

    I’m staying in a Novotel in London next week, and this has given me loads of inspiration!

  3. barriejohn – speaking of names, are you Barrie John the psychic medium? If so, could you try to reach my love life for me?

    Matt, I’m sure Mr Twatt would say so. Should I call you ‘Mott’ from now on?

    Mark – thank you very much for your kind words, I really appreciate it. Far too kind, I suspect, but I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the project.

    Jeanette, you’re probably out on a limb with that theory.

    Richard – inspiration to do what? I’m intrigued!

  4. PS I had never heard of Barrie John (well, not the one YOU mention, obviously). I wonder if perhaps his is a stage-name in any case, and that he might be one of the well-known Twatt family?

  5. PPS You`re going to say: “Not if he`s making thousands peddling such palpable nonsense”!!!

  6. My mother always says “twot” instead of “twat”. Not that she uses the word that often. I’m not actually sure she knows what it means.

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