Well personally I think Google have gone a bit too far this time, especially as the photographer was posing as a plumber.


8 thoughts on “173

  1. Very good Graham – but I went into hospital once and some guy shoved a camera up my ARSE!! Now that WAS an invasion of privacy!!! (Can you imagine THAT on Google Earth? Yes, I suppose you can!!!!!)

  2. Aitchjay: You just go to Google Maps and put in “barriejohn/colonoscopy/PMH Swindon” (which is where it was done). I would have thought anyone of average intelligence could have worked that out!! (No pun intended!!!)

  3. Very funny, very topical.

    I was listening to an angry anonymous bloke on the radio five-live claiming he was in at least two of the street scenes. He reckoned even with a pixilated face, his wife could still work out where he’d been!

  4. I could see that coming as soon as I heard about this project Richard W!! Do you remember the vox pop segments of “That`s Life”? I know that on at least one occasion Esther & co were asked not to show the street interviews because the interviewee had told his wife he was in a completely different part of the country at the time!!!

  5. This is outrageous! Someone should alert the big media (NY Times, Guardian, Time). Google has gone way too far on this one!

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