On March 20th my faithful pet hamster expired with the winter. We had some fun together but perhaps I didn’t spend enough time with him. Did he care? Did he long for a better friend? Did he ever know true happiness? Is anyone in the market for a hamster cage?


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  1. Sincere condolences Graham – it`s funny how attached one can become to these furry little critturs. My sister was mad on animals, and had a guinea pig which lived in a hutch just outside the kitchen door. My mother used to give it pieces of lettuce as a treat, and although it had never been inside the house, much less seen a refrigerator, EVERY TIME it heard the fridge door open it used to squeal in anticipation!! A friend of mine had a cat who, every time he heard the microwave “ping” used to go and sit underneath it, staring up at it in the belief that it was in fact a fish-producing machine!!! Yes – pets can be great fun. Don`t sell the cage – get another hamster!!!!!

  2. PS There`s an internet site about hamsters called “Harry Nibble” – have you seen it? The weird thing is that my grandfather and great-uncle were real Hampshire “characters”, and every time something went wrong, or went missing, when I was a boy, the cry went up: “That was old `Arry Nibble, my zun!!” Does this ring any bells with other readers, or was it just their own invention – I`d love to know!!!

  3. Will it be a double funeral with Jade Goody, I wonder? I can just see his little coffin perched on top of hers – “Cookie RIP”!!

    By the way, there were some great headlines over the weekend:

    “Gordon Brown leads tributes to Jade Goody” – so she was a leading diplomat and political figure then?

    “Jade`s family say she will have the farewell she wanted” – no, the farewell she DIDN`T want, I think!!!

    Personally, I`m now sick of the sight of the woman.

  4. PS Are you quite sure he didn`t just expire from old age, Graham? I believe they only live for about three years!!

  5. PPS Get in touch with OK Magazine pronto Graham. They`ve already done their “Jade Goody Memorial” edition, so they`ll be a bit stuck. “”Cookie – In Memoriam”: “The Cookie Only I Knew by Graham Nunn”. You could make millions!!!

  6. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your dear Cookie. I lost my pet guinea pig a few months back and he only got to live for a year. Really miss him so much. Cookie looks so adorable in the photos. I got a pet mouse named Cookie too:)

  7. Sincerest condolences, Graham. I’d try and console you with tales of Hamster heaven, but given all the evangelical, evangelistic-Atheists šŸ˜‰ that frequent your blog, I’m probably best advised not to… :p



    Police quiz owner – Gay/sex-change/illegal immigrant/left-wing/anti-royalist/atheist/Scottish/Polish/benefits scrounger/weirdo/loner/etc.

    Role of internet probed. Possible links to BNP/Al Qaeda/Football Violence/Old Mother Reilly.

    Cameron calls for public enquiry. How could it happen? How did social workers miss tell-tale signs? Lessons to be learned…must never happen again…heads must roll…blah!blah!blah!

  9. barriejohn, have you ever considered selling your surplus energy to the National Grid?

    Matt – yes, that was him. I don’t recall seeing him in the meantime so he might have been dead when that photo was taken, unbeknownst to me. (I found him curled up in his little house when I went to clean out his cage.)

    Rob – hmm, in retrospect it does bring the tribute down a little bit doesn’t it?

    chariot13, thank you very much. Your pets are lucky to have such a caring owner.

    Hadleigh – hamster heaven for Cookie would have been a jumbo bag of monkey nuts. Many times I had to turn up the TV to drown out his de-shelling.

    Ariane, I’d like to think so.

  10. My youngest daughter has a hamster, but she can’t wait for it to be “used up”, so that she can bury it and spend more time with the new family puppy.

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