13 thoughts on “175

  1. Hmmm…Don`t know what to make of this one Graham. Did you see that an art exhibition in Norway has had to be closed because the posters were “physically attacked” by a bunch of demented Muslim women? They (the posters I mean) were critical of the way that women are treated in the Koran, so of course this was an “insult”, “blasphemy”, “creating hate” and so on and so forth. One guy even said: “You have to be careful with art”!!! (I think we can all translate THAT phrase!!) It`s reported on Mediawatchwatch as per usual, but I find it all so totally depressing, I`m afraid.

  2. PS I`ve just read on Wonderful Life that the Oklahoma Legislature is now persecuting the University of Oklahoma because they had the temerity to go ahead with a Richard Dawkins lecture which the Neanderthals on the legislature bitterly opposed. We must shield impressionable young students from crackpot atheistic ideas after all!! “Oh! What a Beautiful M-o-o-o-rnin`!!!”

  3. I wouldn’t be too keen on meeting that guy in the fourth row up – looks a bit aggressive to me.

  4. I do apologise. There’s really no excuse for this post. It wasn’t laziness, I was just utterly bereft of ideas.

  5. How can you say that you were “bereft” of ideas Graham? It`s not true. I do think, though, that we might have been puzzling more if only ONE of the characters was different to all the others – perhaps the one going in the opposite direction (too obvious?), or the one I really like here, with the mobile phone or whatever it is!! At least he looks as if he is thinking for himself!!!

  6. The image has real potential, Graham – you just need to find a meaning for it. One to file away mentally for when you next have a suitable point to make. Isn’t that the whole reason for doing this? Good job well done (so far) in that regard, I’d say.

  7. You`re only partly right Matt. Graham has said before that he`s not trying to “make a point” with his posts – the blog is meant to be creative. It`s the viewer who invests the images with meaning. I think the lack of responses shows that this one didn`t really spark much off. There IS potential though, as you say. It`s strangely hypnotic.

  8. barriejohn, it’s a gun – not a mobile phone! And I didn’t say that none of the posts have a point. A lot of them certainly do. They are, of course, open to interpretation however and often the point I was trying to make goes unnoticed or is subverted into something entirely different which is very interesting to me.

    Matt, as ever you are far too generous. It wasn’t entirely without thought, though – the man with the gun blends in more than some of the others who share shape but not colour, and he’s the one threatening the routine without being noticed. The gun doesn’t have to mean he is violent though, it could just be that that the others are all mindless automatons and he’s the only one with a different agenda.

    Ariane, ‘war to peace’ is an interesting interpretation. Not conscious on my part.

  9. Sorry – I should have said that you are not NECESSARILY “making a point” with your posts. Some of them obviously do have a point to make – I`m aware of that. As regards the “gun” – well, it`s only a squiggle on the computer screen really, so if it`s a mobile phone to me then a mobile phone it is!! I think he`s texting “Get me out of here”!!!

  10. I saw it as demonstrating the futility of the proposed infiltration of social networking sites to find ‘the bad guys’ when most of the time all they will encounter people just living their harmless lives, walking in line… that is, until I realised this was posted before this proposal was aired publically.

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