There are a very large number of people who do this kind of stuff, most of whom shouldn’t be doing it. Knocking your auntie’s holiday snaps into shape is one thing, but advertising and charging for such a common skill is a little deluded.


7 thoughts on “177

  1. What everyone wants is a bus-pass/passport/disabled badge photo that actually resembles them!! Can he work his magic to produce THAT result I wonder?!!

  2. PS I have just read some deeply disturbing news. The Archbishop of Cant has announced that God is not going to intervene to save mankind (and indeed, womankind) from environmental disaster. (I am NOT making this up!!) Evidently G-o-o-o-d sent him an email to this effect some time yesterday. (That last bit may not actually be Gospel, as it were.)

  3. It must be difficult to deliberately do something badly that you are actually pretty good at, did you find yourself subconsiously doing a better job of it that the piece required?

  4. I agree, you did a great ‘poor’ job there on their physical appearance, but did you intentionally adjust the ladies Auras in the photo’s. The subtle ochre swirls and pink shading that you made to Pams AFTER picture really make her soul uplifted with renewed confidence! While Marnie’s AFTER Aura, well she’s a different woman… am I the only person to notice this?

  5. barriejohn, he can do anything.

    Simon – yes it was difficult actually. Each photo took about five attempts before it was sufficiently bad. There’s bad and there’s bad.

    Mike – not intentionally, no. I think it’s just because the hair is badly cut out.

    Richard – I always assumed it was Cuprinol.

  6. I know this is a spoof, but I’m really not liking Brad. Grrr. I’m going to turn into one of those people who shout at villainous EastEnders actors in the street.

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