Three days of adverts! I must be selling out.


19 thoughts on “178

  1. Very witty Graham, but I bet he`d be using premium rate phone numbers!! I particularly like all the caveats and get-out clauses; if ANYONE thinks that any of these “money-back guarantees” they read are worth a penny they are naive in the extreme!!!

    PS How about this one: “Don`t waste all your money on cigarettes – send away for my course instead”?

  2. PPS I used to get loads of mailings from so-called racing tipsters who were in the same class as this guy. I did try one or two and they were rubbish!! The funniest thing though was the frequent “guarantee” along these lines: “If my tips fail to make you a level stakes profit, then you can have a further six months FREE membership of my service.” Who the bloody hell would want MORE tips from a “tipster” who has already failed to make them a profit?!!

  3. This is a great parody of some of those cult-personality based scams that so many gullible people fall for.

    And yep, I have to confess I got caught out myself. I’m ashamed to admit I sent money to a get-rich-quick property developers training scam company called “Whitney UK”, run by ex-crook Russ Whitney. Thanks partly to me, he’s now a millionaire ex-crook.

    Can anyone here guess how much I lost? 😦

    A FREE 8-DVD box-set, plus 4 “Property Millionaire” books with a “Personal Message” from Russ Whitney, plus an application form to join the “Whitney Wealth Club” will be sent to the commenter with the closest estimate.

    But I’m not bitter.

  4. It`s amazing the shysters you come across in your travels, and just when you think you`ve heard it all along comes one that eclipses all the others!! Thanks to Andrew`s brilliant ApathySketchpad I am now fully acquainted with the wonderful “Professor Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi”, who of course is neither a professor nor a doctor (now!!!). I`d never even heard of the guy before, but I now find that half the net consists of articles about him. Check it out if you don`t believe me – he`s priceless!!!!!

  5. By the way, he`s an “Emeritus Visiting Professor” of an imaginary institution which he has himself invented. Anyone who knows anything about academic terminology will now be falling about laughing!!

  6. The ‘tache is obligatory. Google, images, “Russ Whitney”.

    Come on guys, guess what I lost to this crook! Ok, I’ll throw in a blazer (L) with the Whitney coat-of-arms, and a Whitney gold-plated tie pin. Ok, and the limited-edition portrait of Mr Whitney himself…

  7. You just don`t get it do you Richard W? No one`s going to hazard a guess in case they win all that useless tat!! (Or maybe we`ve all got it already, hahaha!!!)

    As far as the `tache goes, it suddenly occurred to me that Colin Davey`s got one just like it as well (another conman – look him up at “racingbetter”). Spooky or what? As it says so eloquently on his website: “In the last ten years he has made a fortune from a massive discovery he made in 1992…” yeah – people are quite prepared to part with thousands of pounds to buy useless “racing systems” and attend obscenely-overpriced “seminars” where ludicrous promises are made but no actual information divulged!!! (I wasn`t personally a victim of his scams, but I know of others who were!! Some of the suckers still remain faithful to him, believe it or not, and sadly think that they will EVENTUALLY find the Holy Grail of horseracing and get all their “investment” back with interest. It`s just like a religious experience really!!!!!)

  8. PS Graham – I do believe that you have opened yet another receptacle of those little, wriggly creatures here!! MUST you give up next week?!!

  9. PPS I HAVE seen a copy of Colin Davey`s “Racing System” (and the “improved” edition) and it`s quite laughable. It throws up about five bets a year, all long odds-on, so the claim of an “80% strike-rate” is absolutely meaningless – just one loser out of those and you`re back to square one!!!

  10. barriejohn, did you ever see Derren Brown’s The System? It was a brilliant example of how something inevitable could be made to look incredible.

    Richard, I’ll take a punt at £495.

    Ariane, Matt, Rob – thanks. I was quite pleased with the C*** gag.

    Simon, I haven’t tampered with the photo. I didn’t need to!

    Gavin – yes, but you have to admire his nerve.

  11. Derren Brown`s one of my favourites, alongside James Randi. They`ve been working that scam for years though, where they “tip” every horse in the race to different clients, thus guaranteeing a return for themselves, and of course producing SOME satisfied customers every time, who will stake ever-increasing amounts of money on what are in fact purely random selections!! It`s clever though!!!

  12. PS I hope for Richard`s sake you`re right Graham, because if he attended any of the seminars it would have been in the thousands – same with Colin Davey. There`s masses about them on the net, especially in forums. It`s unbelievable – no one seems to understand how they get away with it (in BOTH senses of the phrase!!).

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