Perhaps this firm is owned by the same people responsible for The Honest Plumbing Company.


13 thoughts on “179

  1. PS There`s a link to a fascinating article about sexual harrassment today Graham, but I can quite see why that one wouldn`t interest you either!!! (Nor me, sad to say!!!!!)

  2. Cracking post Graham! Love the Mission Statement:

    “If you’re out, we’re off – and we ain’t coming back.”

  3. …and the results from yesterday’s compo:

    Congratulations GRAHAM!

    You have won the “Russ Whitney Real Estate Millionaire” starter kit.

    Your estimate of £495 wasn’t too far away – I actually lost £687 which was a down payment I made (at a “free” seminar) on a three-day seminar called “Property Wealth Building”. Before paying the balance, my wife googled him and found out he, like Rudy, was a grade C*** crook.

    Your prize will be double-polythene-wrapped and available for collection at my usual preferred drop-off point, namely:

    3, The Cubicles,
    Victoria Station (West)
    London, ST1 NK5

    (DISCLAIMER: Please select the cubicle carefully, as I cannot be held responsible for the contents/inhabitants of the other cubicles.)

  4. I think you were very lucky there Richard!! Evidently there is a three or four-day cooling-of period in the States, in which you can cancel any agreement, but you can`t actually contact the organisers within the time limit, as they are “on holiday” or otherwise unavailable!!! (By the by, I always find that if you look through those little holes in the cubicles you can usually – oh, just forget I said that will you?!!!!)

  5. These things are the bane of my life. I work at home but tend to nip out most mornings for one reason or another – invariably returning to find one of these lying on the doormat, which leads to another errand the next morning, from which I return to find another one and so on…

    They always have that box on the back that says ‘Please wait at least [ ] hours before collecting your parcel’, with the number of hours usually being 24, or 48 on a weekend. One time, though, I got a card on a Saturday which told me to wait at least 56 hours. Seemed rather odd. Was I the victim of a postie who wanted to spend a long weekend with my goods, or simply of one who couldn’t add up?

  6. @Richard: Are you serious? Did you really lose all that money? Blimey.

    Really enjoyed this one, though it hasn’t happened to me too often.

  7. Ariane, I’m sorry to say – yes, I did get caught out about 2 years ago, and the guy’s name is real. This is Russ Whitney’s website:


    and here are some pics of the crook:


    Note how canny Graham’s likeness of Rudy is to Russ. Art imitating life?

    @ Barry: Full course cost £4,000, discounted price £1374, depost £687. There were further courses available; some punters were fleeced for tens of thousands of pounds. Google is your friend!

    Never been caught out before or since. *sigh*

  8. Do you remember the French and Saunders sketch where they had ordered practically EVERYTHING that was in that awful Kaleidoscope catalogue? I`m afraid my mother, in common with a lot more elderly people, is much like that. As soon as she looks through these mail-order catalogues that plop through the letterbox with such amazing frequency, she sees dozens of REALLY useful gadgets that she absolutely can`t live without, even though she has never previously expressed an interest in anything remotely resembling any of them!! Sadly, it is only very rarely that any of the items sent for live up to expectations, but then this is how these people make their money – in fact, I bet they`ve all got `taches!!!

  9. I was reading some of the comments about Russ Whitney on several forums. Apparently, the first seminar is all about increasing your credit card limit to around $50,000, and if you don`t manage that overnight you are harangued and humiliated in public during the following day`s session. This has nothing to do with property development of course, you just need the money to buy all the other crap that he wants to sell you!! You had a narrow escape there Richard!!!

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