I’m a little bit jealous of Clive because I’ve never been able to carry off a hat. I think you need a certain swagger to wear them.


15 thoughts on “180

  1. It`s an hour late as well!!!

    Sadly, I have a feeling that this will be the last of these blogs Matt. I read on teletext this morning that a Graham Nunn (unemployed / immigrant / Scottish / atheist / left-wing / “of no fixed address”, etc) was arrested last night in the vicinity of the gentlemen`s lavatories (or “male toilets” as they like to call them these days – don`t get me started!!) at King`s Cross Station, on unspecified charges. Stories about collecting a prize that he had won on the internet were dismissed as “ludicrous”. Another, unnamed male also accepted a caution for peeping through holes in the cubicle walls, but was released later as he does not appear to present a danger to the public.

  2. Actually, the news is even more disturbing than that: “Robbie joins Take That in studio”!!! (I actually typed in “Take Tat” and was tempted to leave it!!!!!)

  3. Well Graham, I must doff my “cranial adornment” to you for yet another clever, funny innovative post.

    barriejohn: Sounds like Graham was at the wrong station; good luck with the court case!

  4. I told him, but he wouldn`t listen!! (Sorry – I mean the other guy told him, of course.)

    PS What court case?

  5. PPS My late Dad ALWAYS wore a hat when he was out, and even dressed up to go to the newsagent`s. He and my mother took a rather dim view of the way some people appear in public – but then so do I actually, so I must be showing signs of my age!! When I was a young man we all wore little trilbies and thought we were the bees knees!!!

  6. PS. I appreciate it’s the Lord’s Day etc., but do you think my 3rd comment to post 179 might be moderated sometime soon?

    There’s time-sensitive material on it!

  7. Sorry – this isn’t the last post, I just made a mistake when naming it. Now fixed.

    Richard, your comment has now been approved. I don’t rise very early on a Sunday.

  8. Let`s see it then Ariane!! By the way – you do realize that the rest of us put our clocks forward last night I suppose Graham!!!

  9. Actually, it`s just dawned on me that we can say what we like about “Silly Suffolk” and “The Tractor Boys” etc now Matt, because it doesn`t make any difference any more if our messages ARE blocked!! It`s just like the end of term really – bums, tits, poo, willies – there you are Graham – ban me and see if I care – hahaha!!!

  10. I could always become a columnist for the Daily Mail – you don`t seem to need any particular ability for that Matt!! Or I could become a member of that little clique who keep sending their views in to Teletext and Ceefax. Some of them even send the same letters to BOTH channels, if you can believe that, and I swear that I once read the same letter not only on both letters pages, but on the sports’ letters pages on both sides as well!!!

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