I don’t know if exams are really getting easier or not but I’m the only person I know who used to enjoy doing them.

Final post tomorrow!


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  1. The final three posts were scheduled before the clocks went forward – I didn’t realise that WordPress wouldn’t automatically update. I have rescheduled tomorrow’s final post for 6.00am which means you should get it at 7.00am. I wouldn’t want you to rush your Sugar Puffs for nothing, barriejohn.

    EDIT: Forget that, time now fixed. Checked the settings and WordPress admit that it is ‘lame’ that you have to adjust for daylight savings time manually.

  2. I expect I`m not the only one who found some of these questions quite demanding.

    There`s a letter in the paper this morning from yet another guy extolling the virtues of vocational training & “life experience” etc over academic qualifications. As his examples of people who have achieved enormous success without formal training he puts forward the names of… Alan Sugar, John Prescott, and Alan Johnson, believe it or not!! Winner of the “Shot Myself in the Foot Again” award for 2009 I shouldn`t be surprised!!!

  3. PS It`s actually 08.20 in the rest of England at this moment. Have you guys in Suffolk heard that the old queen has died yet? (And I`m not referring to Quentin Crisp there!!!)

  4. Regarding academic qualifications, there is a great quote on “Wonderful Life” (28th March) from Don McLeroy, chairman of the Texas State Board of Education, who is waging a campaign to promote the teaching of “Creationism” in Texas schools. He says: “I disagree with these experts. Someone has got to stand up to experts.”!! As the guy is supposed to be a qualified dentist, I suppose he`d be quite happy for all his clients to have their teeth pulled by “non-experts”, at great saving in cost!!!

  5. You used to enjoy exams? Hmmm, that is just a touch weird.

    I would definitely have got Q3 (ii) right, as I know for a fact that moose tears taste sweet.

  6. re Q3 (ii). Custard appears to be slightly acidic. It turns litmus paper yellow!

    Though blue custard is definitely alkaline.

    Ah the joys of kitchen chemistry.

  7. Apropos the need for academic qualifications or otherwise, Andrew Taylor says on ApathySketchpad that he has been banned from posting comments at homeopathy4health because “he has a tendency to write opinions based on logic”!! Evidently they much prefer opinions based on “experience” and “facts”, whatever they might be!!! There`s oodles more on his site, and I`m sure he hasn`t made any of it up. It has amazing resonance with the arguments put forward by the religious right.

  8. I’m not sure I see any connection between academic qualifications and logic; you’re talking about different forms of understanding – scientific investigation reveals how things work and why, but experience is still pretty definitive in understanding what works and what doesn’t. We all learn by experience, and we use our logic and reason in doing so just as much as in any kind of academic study. I really can’t credit academic qualifications with any kind of superiority over skills learned elsewhere. I’ve got five GCSE’s, one of which is Ceramics, but I think I still just about manage to hold my own when it comes to posting comments on blogs.

    Very funny post, Graham. I think whatever people’s opinions of education these days, they’ll find something in this one that rings true. Arse, bum, fanny and tits indeed.

  9. “Final post tomorrow”… shouldn’t that be: “Final daily post tomorrow”? Or perhaps I just made up that you’d still be posting albeit not as intensely?

    Nice cock, by the way.

  10. PS (as barriejohn might say)

    I’ve made a few enquiries and, to the best of my knowledge, I understand that the Queen is not, in fact, dead.

  11. I think these pseudo-scientists and religionists are talking about a different type of “fact” here Matt. A lot of their “evidence” is purely anecdotal, and their interpretation of “experience” is biased if not doctrinaire. You can`t base medical practice on this sort of “research” – there has to be proper evaluation of the efficacy of different forms of treatment. However, I think I disagree fundamentally with your statement about academic qualifications. “Skills” are all very well, and you can have the IQ of Einstein without any formal education whatsoever (and more common sense than a great many academics!!), but rigorous standards need to be maintained in the fields of medicine, physics, chemistry, and so on.

  12. Barriejohn – Sure, but your first post didn’t mention those fields at all. The examples you cited were two politicians and a businessman.

    Sorry for hijacking your comments thread, Graham!

  13. PPS (as Simon might say): Does anyone know the correct answer to Q2 (iii)? It`s been puzzling me all morning.

  14. I agree with you completely, Matt, that it might be better to have someone in 10 Downing Street with life-skills, rather than someone with merely academic understanding of politics, but JOHN PRESCOTT – you must be joking!!!

  15. Can`t we have a “Creative Year” farewell party Graham? We could all meet up somewhere tomorrow – maybe ouside the “male toilets” at Victoria Station – hahahahaha!!!!!

  16. You`re obviously not old enough to remember “the good old days” Simon, when Britain was truly “Great” and had an Empire “on which the sun never set”. All we`ve got now are the Falklands, St Helena, and The Isle of Wight.

    I assume everyone else is stumped by Q2(iii) as well. I`m tempted to go for 28%, but I think it may be a trick question.

  17. I WAS going to say that as it`s the whole thing it must be 110% or 200%, so it clearly IS a trick question, ie “none of the above”!!

  18. Simon – as things stand I have no plans to post any images on this blog beyond tomorrow.

    barriejohn – I don’t wish to sound ungrateful but do you think you could consolidate your thoughts into fewer comments? Fourteen on a single post (as I write this) is borderline stalking! I just think it puts other people off making comments if they perceive this to be The Barriejohn Show. Or maybe that’s wishful thinking on my part.

  19. Sorry – I thought it was ENCOURAGING comments – but that makes it fifteen now!! I`ll give it a rest until tomorrow`s grand finale!!!

  20. I used to enjoy taking exams too, Graham.
    Got told off for writing “I dunno” as an answer, so never ventured into the cock-drawing territory…

  21. In a mock exam once, I was asked the following ‘question’:

    An iodine test is performed on (a) the leaf, (b) the stem, and (c) the root.

    I wrote ‘Oh.’

    I did not get the marks.

  22. I’ll stick with an Albert Einstein quote:”Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

    It will be interesting to see who writes the last Creative Year comment tomorrow night. My money is riding on the hot favourite. I’m not going to say his name but I’ll give you a small clue – !!!!!!

  23. Great post Graham.

    Though I do find it rather disturbing that some of the spawn of the great British loin might struggle to even reach this standard.

    @Ariane: Trumping you in the ‘pedant’ stakes, I think you’ll find it’s a spikey scrotum!

  24. fantastic! love it. What’s 214?

    Graham, I quite liked some exams too – particularly maths. But I didn’t like the long essay-writing type exams. Far too much like hard work!

  25. barriejohn – in case you’re still reading, I personally enjoy reading other people’s comments about Graham’s posts. More and more, your comments are only vaguely related to the post itself and so this section becomes more of a platform for your own thoughts. Do you have your own blog?

    And now I’m guilty of not talking about the post either.

    Graham – the ‘moose tears’ made me wet myself. I hope you’re happy now.

  26. Ariane, spikey scrota were a mainstay of pubescent graffiti back in the late 80s. How did you miss that?

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