So here it is – the final post. Sorry if you were expecting something less anticlimactic. Now, before you go and delete your bookmark or whatever you have, I’d be very interested if you could take the time to tell me which post(s) you enjoyed the most. Don’t forget to use the index above if you need to refresh your memory. I’m not expecting any kind of consensus but would appreciate your comments. For the record, my own favourites are all ‘serious’ pieces; 014, 025, 051, and 115 are the closest I came to satisfaction, with 051 the most pleasing overall.

Thanks for following this blog, especially those who have been around since the start, and for offering the encouragement I needed to take it as far as I have. I really didn’t expect it to get as much traffic as it has and I’m grateful for every single visit. I now intend to take a short break to catch up with a few things and then I’ll be back with a brand new (rather less visual) blog. Details will follow here soon.

Until then, thanks again.


19 thoughts on “182

  1. Well Graham, this is it then. I did have a “poem” from Shirley Elward for today`s post, but after yesterday`s comments I thought I`d better not (it wasn`t brilliant in any case!!). I`m sure the blog will be inundated with comments today anyway, so it just remains to thank you for all the “blood, toil, tears and sweat” (as well as the hours) you`ve put in over the past months to keep us all amused, and also, on many occasions, to make us think. We`ll all be loking out for whatever you have in the future, and until then, we wish you well!!!

  2. A sign of the times. Desperately trying to move that wheelie-bin…

    Thank you so much for all the efforts you’ve put into this over the last half-year, Graham. I think the things that have really surprised me have been the not just the quality and different styles of the artwork, but also the wide-ranging choice of material, and the biting relevance of many of the topics covered. But even above all this you have a definite nose for a great idea delivered with truly hilarious wit. No whiffs, no butts, your mollusc-less GSOH has been a great find.

    It’s like I’m gonna lose an old friend.

    Favourite posts are many and I’m going to research my numbers now.

  3. Wow, what a trip down memory lane this was Graham.

    Bush never did click his “Help me talk good” Facebook button. (# 018)

    Loved the manuals: Sony blu-ray (092) and especially Wazco Corp (052, 118)
    “… face bottom. Place cock on table… Use knob in rear hole…”

    Woolies trolley dash was another sign of the times (083), and the fall from the skyscraper was very poignant

    The slide-tile word game (107) a defo for a newspaper, and the HELIX ruler must also be very marketable – act quickly Graham!

    The spoof horoscope (102) and the disgruntled puzzle word compiler were classics.

    One of my absolute favourites was the Grimesthorpe Theatre Group (103). (I still think Milly Thompson should have her own Just Giving page). This only received 2 comments – would it kill you to leave a comment?! (114)

    I love the spoofs, and the Queen (100), East Cheam Ads (176) and Rudy “Russ Whitney” O’Toole (178) were all on the nail. And who could forget “The Snow: Things could get inconvenient”

    My Runner-up: #116, The love letter (email) sent by Michael Kenning to Sally Prenton. Classic, unrequited love at its heart-breaking best!

    My Favourite: #110. It had to be Ron Heather’s CV – a document of such brilliant, daring wit that it attracted world-wide attention from incandescent Christians, outraged Muslims, and Mrs Dean of Stoke Poges!

    Graham, may your nib remain poised, and your brush dipped. Enjoy the break but please don’t be gone too long!

  4. Well, I’ve only been reading this blog for two or three months but I’ve really enjoyed it, so you thank you very much Graham for all your hard work. I really appreciated a blog that updated daily, without fail – certainly a deserved break now that the end has come.

    Funnily enough, I’ve been looking through the index over the past couple of days to post a note here about my favourites, so here they are:

    014 Probably my favourite.

    064 Outstandingly clever.

    I had to stop going through the archives at 074. Very nearly the most troubling thing I’ve ever seen.

    And the whole Griblets series was very good.

    I look forward to whatever you do next. The Blades are playing Ipswich on Saturday, so I may Twitter. You don’t really want three useless points at this stage of the season do you? Do you?

  5. We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the Autumn and Winter.

    Going to have to think hard about my favourites posts and whether it is those that made me laugh or those of true artistic talent.

    By the way – belated farewell to Cookie.

  6. Au revoir, Graham.

    My favourites? Here are a few:
    I got here via the atheist bus, so good on you for that, 021.
    I enjoyed the innovative cream cracker vid, 074.
    The optical illusion 076 drew the attention of my coworkers as I bobbed and jived at the screen.
    The cog-heads 115 is my fave of the serious ones.
    And, the Edwin Morgan poem tribute, 117, was an education.

  7. Really impressed by 014, 064, 115, 117, 130, 144 and 172. The funniest for me were 011, 018, 039, 060, 120, 127, 159 and 176. And 074 is unforgettable, though of course 021 and 105 are the best. (Biased? Me?)

    I’ll miss this blog. You’ve created a little community here, and I really hope everyone will come back for your next one. Look forward to more from you soon.

  8. Graham. My personal favourites were the mock letters, especially the Stephen Green one (109).

    Gonna miss this!

  9. The post that led me here stands out… Ron’s CV, of course!

    Enjoy your break, looking forward to seeing what you and Ariane cook up.

    It just goes to show you can’t be too careful!

  10. Nice ending.

    My favourites were the humorous ones so I’m going with 079 (just for the photo), 092, 110, 116, 121, 130, 150, 152, 154 and 159.

    Good luck with the new blog.

  11. So many favourites, but I’m especially fond of those Sympathy Council posters.

    Just as one of the Woolworths stores re-opened as Wellworths, perhaps Creative Year could metamorphose into Creative Deer – a blog featuring antler-sporting ruminant mammals engaged in artistic activity. Just a thought!

    Good luck with whatever you choose to do next, and I can’t wait to find out what it might be.

  12. Ok. My favorites are:
    1. 172 Google
    2. 28 The “thing”
    3. 25 Pull the strings

    And what happened to Sachs after FT?

    Good luck with your new blog or “stuff”…

  13. In common with others I came to your blog via the Atheist Bus Campaign, Graham, and like them my favourite entry still has to be “Ron Heather`s CV”, simply because it is so funny!! I must say though, the post was greatly enhanced, to say the least, by the ridiculous attempts of Debbie Kean to defend the poor bastard. (I did wonder initially whether she was another of your “characters”, but sadly I fear not – am I right?) I mean to say, I shall shortly be 63 years of age myelf, and have only been using a computer for about eighteen months, but I didn`t find it too difficult to master those danged difficult “keyboard skills”, even at MY advanced age. Why, the little son of one of my nieces has even taught me how to read a digital clock now, AND he has promised to enlighten me as to the workings of a mobile phone when next they visit, so how about that then?!!

    Well, thanks for everything, Graham, and remember, wherever you next pop up on the net I`ll be there stalking you – but for now, I think I`d better go home!!!!!

  14. Call me juvenile but i really liked 22 (head on tube platform) and 60 (GSOH), blu ray (92) and of course Ron H’s CV (110) – the last also how i found this site.

    Bloody hell there’s some good stuff in there.

    I’ll be checking back soon to see what you are up to.

    Thanks Graham.

  15. Yes, I definitely agree with you on your favourites – the GB prose and the emotions over a number of years really struck me.

    Of course the Modern Misfortune series definitely still has legs (if not arms). I also really envied your ability to render Facebook and Google pages, especially George W’s Facebook page.

    Plus the video footage of you shows you could present Cbeebies!

    I restrained my self from commenting on too many posts because you know how biased I am having enjoyed just about every creative venture you have done. I would like to see more of your photographic skills in the future.

  16. Well, like several others, I came here through seeing the link to the hilarious post 110 Ron Heather’s CV on the Atheist Bus Campaign’s JustGiving page, so naturally enjoyed that & 109 Stephen Green’s Ideal Standard reply hugely & they are probably my faves.

    I’ve been eking out reading the older posts gradually rather than try to read them too quickly one after another & lessen their impact. I suppose the ones I’ve enjoyed the most are those pictures that made me laugh out loud although that’s not to say I don’t appreciate the care & hard work that’s gone into the detailed photoshopping & other more arty works.

    Cartoons such as 060 GSOH – that & the others in that style would make great greetings cards in the vein of Fred, Edward Monkton etc (if you’ve not already submitted them somewhere for a similar purpose). And looking through the index again now, ones that jumped out at me for having made me giggle the most have often been the ones sent as links to certain friends, because they cover their pet anorak topics, private in jokes or just are wonderfully silly. These include: 069 Bumper Wordsearch; 073 Letter To Santa; 096 Remote Control Top Trumps; 152 VeggieMatch email (I’m vegan!); 159 Celibacy Society newsletter; 176 Classified Ads & 180 Me & My Headgear.

    I’ve also enjoyed reading the comments of the group of regulars who post here – it’s nice to find somewhere without the unpleasant arguing that often ensues on different forums (or fora, if you wish to be pedantic).

    All the very best, Graham, & I shall try to pop back & see your future endeavours.

  17. I keep coming back, hoping that you might have reconsidered your decision to stop. Thanks for your efforts Graham, I have very much enjoyed this blog (even though I haven’t commented for ages).

    Good luck with your next venture.

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