About this site

In 2008 I started this blog and called it ‘My Creative Year’. The idea was to post something creative every day for twelve months. After exactly six months I was running out of ideas and decided to give up because it was doing my head in.

In 2013 I’m going to try again with something a little different. Instead of general nonsense I will be posting a series of portraits. I don’t expect it to be easy, but I’m determined to finish this time. New posts will appear every Monday to Friday.

The portrait subjects have all been selected by their date of birth; each day I post one will correspond to the subject’s birthday. These have all been planned in advance and I must point out that on many dates there is a dearth of interesting choices, so certain selections may appear to be a little odd. My only loose criteria was to go for people that I like and respect. To select my subjects I used the websites http://www.famousbirthdays.com and Wikipedia. Neither are exhaustive, so I’ve undoubtedly missed many opportunities to select worthier but lesser known individuals. I’m also trusting these sites to get their facts right, so apologies in advance if any dates are incorrect. I double checked in many cases, but not all.

I hope you enjoy the project.


8 thoughts on “About this site

  1. First thing in the morn’ I used to check the ABC/FSC totals and comments. Then chuckle at the tumbleweed gathering on the Alphaposter site. But now, I go straight to this site first. It must be a variant of OCD… Nunn’s Disorder?

  2. Excellent letter in the East Anglian this morning Graham. I’d already posted your video of the bus launch on our website. Might we add you to our emailing list? Please get in touch.

  3. Hi, just thought I’d comment on how good I think your blog is. In fact I’m about to write a post on mine that will link to yours.

    I found the link to Ronald Heather’s CV on the Faith Schools JustGiving page.


  4. Carry on slandering peoples beliefs and this website and every other website you associate with will be hacked and spammed to the highest heaven.

  5. Hi,

    I wanted to write and tell you about a new website for filmmakers, musicians, artists, and fashion designers: www.PutItOn.com. I’ve been using the site as an artist and have my work there, and am trying to support. Basically, the site allows artists from all over the world to connect, display their portfolios, and sell their work (with no commission taken). The site gives artists a free gigabyte of space to showcase their portfolios, allows you to stream audio and video works, lets you create live personal broadcasts, and translates any writing into ten different languages. If you could take the time to visit the site, and if you like it too, let your readers know about it, and even sign up yourself or link to it on your site it would be greatly appreciated! We are trying to make a go of helping out artists everywhere and are trying to get the word out, so please help us out if you like the site after checking it out! 

    Thank you!

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